5 biggest changes from patch 6.8

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Patch 6.8 will be the last update to League of Legends before the mid-season hits and the game is drastically changed.

Patch 6.8 kind of has a lackadaisical vibe about it.

Every new patch is interesting and exciting in its own right, but the League of Legends community is already waiting for patch 6.9, and that means 6.8 will be overlooked a bit. 6.9 will be the mid-season update patch that drastically changes the game, so 6.8 will be the last patch on the current form of League as we have grown to know it since the beginning of Season Six. Riot has also been looking ahead to 6.9 for a long time as well, and because of that, 6.8 isn’t that big of a patch (size wise, not figuratively).

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The newest patch includes a champion rework, eight champion changes, three item changes, three mastery changes and a pinch of some other stuff that isn’t that big of a deal.

The size of the patch may be small, but it still has some exciting and important changes that everyone needs to know about.

These are the five biggest changes in patch 6.8.

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