Crumbz on mid-season jungle timers: ‘Please reconsider this change.’


The mid-season update will come with a few iffy changes, and the one to jungle timers is a step in the wrong direction.

The jungle will be very different after the mid-season update. There are a lot of major changes to things like the dragon system and Rift Herald, but perhaps the most game-changing difference will be to jungle timers.

Not only will Dragon, Rift Herald and Baron have global timers, but Red and Blue buff will also have them. This is a drastic change that has received massive criticism ever since it was announced.

Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo is the jungler for Renegades and has been in the competitive scene ever since the beginning. When he heard of these changes, he felt it was necessary to make a cry for help to Riot.

“It makes the game simpler. It’s one less thing to worry about and try to learn and master,” said Crumbz before adding: “When you lower the bar,when you strip away the badges that were hard earned to separate the better from the good, then the game loses it’s purpose. Please reconsider this change. Remember the roots from where games came from. The challenges, the effort required.”

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Complaining about something without offering any resolution is never productive, so Crumbz gave his suggestion: “I offer something else so that the lowering of the skill cap of league is something that no player ever has to worry about again. Teach the game. Have a REAL tutorial. In fact, have a LOT of them.”

Crumbz is only saying what everyone else is thinking. Having global timers for huge objectives like Dragon and Baron are acceptable, but having them for small buffs like Red and Blue is outrageous. It takes away a lot of strategy from the game and really dumbs things down. There is no reason to critically think and be a proactive player when Riot continues to make things so easy.

It’s unsatisfying.

His suggestion of actually having good tutorials to increase the skill cap is perfect. League of Legends has one of the largest learning curves of any video game. If you want your friend to play Call of Duty for the first time ever, you can quickly explain to him that you basically go around shooting people and that’s about it. However, with League, that situation isn’t easy – in fact – it’s extremely difficult. There’s probably been a time when you were sitting down and you said to yourself, “Man, how the heck did I ever learn all of this crap?”

Riot knows their game is difficult to learn, and yet they have never had a great tutorial. Most players learned about things like vision by being flamed by their teammates when they were first starting out, and things shouldn’t be like that. Riot should have an entire section in their client that is dedicated to tutorials. And not basic tutorials either, but really detailed ones that truly capture what it takes to play League of Legends effectively.

“Teach the game. Have a REAL tutorial. In fact, have a LOT of them.”

The game continues to get easier and easier, and that’s not good for the longevity of the game. It’s ok for things to be challenging, but it seems as if Riot is afraid of making things difficult.

Finally, read this part from Crumbz’s message. Casual gamers will never understand all the little things that separate themselves from the pros, but most of it comes down to critically thinking and understanding situations. The things some of the world’s best gamers can do is truly amazing. “As a jungler myself there’s a certain satisfaction behind being able to keep track of all the timers in your head. 1:40 for camps, 5 for buffs,6 for dragon and 7 for baron. Hell I feel proud and like a total badass being able to glance at someone’s character for a second, look at the remainder of their buff duration and knowing exactly when the next one will spawn.”

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