Mid-season update: Turrets will be stronger


One of the many changes in the mid-season update will be to make turrets much stronger.

One of the most frustrating things about Season Six is that turrets are weaker than ever. They do very little damage and can be shredded through like paper.

Taking turrets should be one of the biggest objectives in League of Legends, and having them this weak hasn’t been good for the health of the game.

Riot isn’t stupid, and because of that, they are taking notice to this massive problem and are changing turrets in the mid-season update. Here are the details Riot GMang, League’s Senior Game Analyst, gave us on the League of Legends boards.

The first thing being done is making them offensively stronger. Inner and outer turrets become stronger faster when they are attack champions, and they will now maintain full damage when switching targets rather than resetting. These turrets will also only take four shots to hit full damage instead of the current five shots.

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The next thing being done is making them defensively stronger. Turrets will now have a base armor and magic resistance of 40, but the base health of turrets has been decreased from 4,000 to 3,300. Also, turrets will now be subject to penetration (will make them more tanky unless you have 20 penetration or true damage). Lastly, as far as defensive stats are concerned, the reinforced armor of turrets has been changed from 200 armor and magic resistance to 66.67 percent damage reduction.

Riot is also changing the reward system of turrets. Outer turrets will now give 100 global gold instead of 125, but they will give 300 local gold rather than only 220. Inner turrets will now give 125 global gold instead of 150, and they will only give 175 local gold rather than 250. Finally, inhibitor turrets will now give a local gold reward of 50.

The last thing Riot wanted to change regarding turrets is making it so other champions besides marksmen can take them down effectively. If you ability power is more than double your bonus attack damage, your attacks will trigger an ability power damage conversion that will make your attacks magic rather than physical.

GMang said Riot’s main goal for these changes was, “Overall, we want them to be more defendable places to stand your ground, reduce their takedown reward compared to other objectives, clean up some of their mechanics, and rebudget their defenses so things other than marksmen basic attacks can contribute more to turret takedowns.”

It might be overly optimistic to say that that these changes should completely fix how bad turrets are right now, but it actually looks like they will.

“Outer turrets will now give 100 global gold instead of 125, but they will give 300 local gold rather than only 220”

Making them more powerful is going to prevent mindless dives in the early-game that leaves the person getting dove shaking their head. Diving turrets is supposed to be a difficult thing to do that has a lot of risk, but that simply hasn’t been the case this season.

We will have to wait and see how the defensive changes work out, but they do seem like a step in the right direction. Turrets need to be harder to take down, and these changes should make that a reality.

The new reward system is great, and mainly because of the outer turret changes. The beginning of most professional matches start with the teams trading outer turrets right away, and that can become very boring to the viewers at home. Hopefully, the change to outer turrets will make it more enticing for teams to do normal lanes.

Finally, helping champions that aren’t marksmen take down turrets is nice to see. So many champions feel completely useless when they are hitting towers, and this should help them out a lot.

Overall, these are exciting changes that should improve the health of the game drastically.

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