Watch MSI Live Stream Day One: RNG vs CLG, SKT vs G2, and More


Watch Six of the Best Teams in the World Clash for World Championship Seeding on the MSI Live Stream

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The 2016 Mid-Season Invitational is upon us! MSI kicks off tonight, for those of us in the USA. (European readers will want to wake up nice and early tomorrow morning.) We break down the match-ups we’re looking forward to, and let you know where and when to watch below!

All listed game times are US Eastern Time (GMT -4).

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) vs. CLG

Time: 2:00am

The Scoop: MSI kicks off with a great match-up, as NA faces off against China. CLG just beat TSM to make it to the Invitational, and they’ll have to work to prove themselves against China’s best in RNG. Look to see if CLG forces lane swaps, or if they feel confident matching ADC Stixxay against RNG’s Wuxx.

Flash Wolves (FW) vs. G2 ESports

Time: 3:00am

The Scoop: The Taiwanese Flash Wolves looked dominant in the LMS Spring Split playoffs, 3-0’ing both Machi and AHQ to cruise into an MSI slot. G2 came out of nowhere to walk all over the EU LCS, and it will be interesting to see how they fair in international play after Europe’s strong showing at last year’s World Championships. Both teams’ junglers will have a strong impact on the game, as FW’s high octane, gank-focused Karsa will duel EU Split MVP Trick across the map.

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SKT vs. SuperMassive Esports (SUP)

Time: 4:00am

The Scoop: Welcome to MSI, SuperMassive. The 3rd match of the tournament brings the common wisdom front runners against the team most would have to consider the MSI caboose. The Turkish SuperMassive took top spot in a tough International Wild Card tournament to earn their invite, and they shouldn’t be written off, but it will be a surprise if they put up much of a fight against the the world champion SKT squad.

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CLG vs. Flash Wolves

Time: 5:00am

The Scoop: The rarity of international tournaments in competitive League of Legends means that it’s hard to get a true bellweather of how strong a team from any one region is relative to their foreign counterparts. On paper, this should be an even match-up in nearly every lane, but once the teams hit the Rift it’s possible this game turns out to be a blow-out in either direction.

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SKT vs. G2

Time: 6:00am

The Scoop: This will be another litmus test for regional strength; it might be a walk in the park for SKT, but it might not be. This could very well be the game of the night (err… morning by the time we get here), especially if EU Rookie of the Split Perkz is able to stand in lane against Faker.

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Time: 7:00am

The Scoop: The last match of Day One sees SuperMassive in another rough spot. After facing the unofficial #1 seed SKT they have to play RNG, whom Blog of Legends has ranked #2 in the tournament. The Chinese LPL is known for straight-up laning without swaps, so unless SUP has some cheesey strategies or well practiced rotations lined up, expect to see Royal put on a show in every lane. On the other hand, a SuperMassive victory would truly set alarm bells off for the Chinese fans across the world who are already concerned about the international strength of their region.

Where to Watch

All games will be streaming on Riot’s channels on Twitch and YouTube, but you can also tune in at gametime and watch right here on the stream below!

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