2016 MSI bundles, icons and more are now available


The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) always comes with a lot of hype and excitement, and Riot is beginning to get things going for the 2016 MSI.

As of today, all servers now have MSI content.

The first things players can get are MSI icons. There are seven total: one for each region attending the event and one general MSI icon. The icon for your region will only cost one Influence Point (IP), but the other ones cost 250 Riot Points (RP). Icons aren’t that big of a deal, but getting one for free (come on, it’s one damn IP) is always nice.

However, to spice up icons, Riot is having a “Who Will Own The Rift?” challenge. All games played with the icon equipped for your region will earn you points for this challenge. The performance of the regions at MSI will also contribute to earning points, and the winning region will earn a Party IP weekend (North America, turn up). Riot realizes that certain regions are a lot more populated than others, so points will be weighted based on the size of each region. The challenge started today and will end once the event is over. Players can check their region’s score by going to lolesports.com.

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Finally, with icons, the winning team will earn a gilded icon that will be available from May 16-30. It will cost 1 IP for the winning region and 250 RP for all other regions.

Mystery skins are always getting a nice buff for events like this one. Whenever there is a pentakill or Baron steal, the chances of getting a legendary or team skin is doubled. This can stack until you are four times more likely to land one of those top skins. This bonus will reset and start over at the end of each week.

From now until May 15, legacy skins such as Challenger Nidalee and Ahri and all team skins will be available for purchase.

Lastly, there are five MSI/Esports bundles that will be available for purchase until May 15.

You probably didn’t need another reason to be excited for MSI, but Riot just have you a few. Things always get scary for our wallets once the mystery skin buff goes into effect.

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