5 Most Important Changes from Patch 6.10


Patch 6.10 is a small patch that tweaks existing things and introduces brand new concepts.

This  week’s patch is nothing like the gigantic mid-season update from last week, and it’s mainly a cleanup patch to that one. A pre-season type of update wasn’t going to come without its flaws, and there were a lot of things for Riot to tweak a bit.

While that is true, patch 6.10 also packed in a few new things of their own – and pretty important ones at that. There were a lot of meaningful changes in this patch, but these are the five most important ones:

1.) Release of Taliyah

The biggest deal from patch 6.10 is, without question, the release of Taliyah.

The Stoneweaver was first teased to us a couple of weeks ago and her official champion reveal wasn’t long after that. It’s been a quick and exciting process.

Riot has been putting out extraordinary champions lately, and Taliyah looks like she could be special. However, like all new champions, she won’t be released until later in the patch – not at the start.

2.) Bloodrazor buff

For the sake of being blunt: Bloodrazor has been completely garbage since its release.

The jungle item was brought in to replace Devourer, but it has done a terrible job doing that. The former item may have been a bit too powerful, but there has to be a middle ground between the two items.

Riot saw how bad Bloodrazor was doing and gave it two nice buffs: increased attack speed to 50 percent rather than only 40 percent and on-hit damage is up from 3 percent of the target’s maximum health to four percent.

The extra percent of on-hit damage might help the fact that it does zero magic damage, and the 10 percent increase in attack speed will feel really nice.

We will have to wait and see if these buffs are enough to make the item not feel awful.

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3.) Ocean Drake change

The Elemental Dragons were the biggest change introduced in the mid-season update, and their start on Summoner’s Rift hasn’t been too smooth. Some of the buffs really need tweaking, and the Ocean Drake headlined that group.

Since the release of the new system, the Ocean Drake restores 10 percent missing health and 10 percent missing mana every 18/12/6 seconds. Obviously, this turned out to be way too overpowered. To fix that, Riot has totally changed how the buff works. It now restores 4/8/12 percent of missing mana and health every eight seconds if not damaged by a champion or tower in the last five seconds.

Changing the buff so it only works out of combat should do wonders.

4.) Summoner Spells buffs

One thing that can get pretty stale about League of Legends is the fact that there isn’t much room for variety in Summoner Spells. Riot could fix that by making all Summoner Spells really enticing to use, and they are doing that in patch 6.10 to two spells in particular.

Barrier is seen in the mid lane at times, and it should come out more than ever now that its cooldown has been decreased from 210 seconds to 180 seconds.

“The movement speed bonus from it has been changed  to 27 percent at all levels to 28-45 percent at levels 1-18.”

The Barrier change is nice, but the one to Ghost is really impressive. Ghost’s cooldown has been reduced from 210 seconds to 180 seconds, but more importantly, the movement speed bonus from it has been changed from 27 percent at all levels to 28-45 percent at levels 1-18.

This is actually a really strong buff and some champions will always want to run it now.

5.) New champion mastery

One other important thing from patch 6.10 is the updated champion mastery system. The system has only gone up to level five since it was introduced to the game, but players will now be able to go two levels higher. However, gaining those levels won’t be done the same as gaining the other ones.

Whenever you get an S grade in a game, you will receive mastery tokens that can be put together in Hextech Crafting. You can combine the tokens for a specific champ with that champion’s crafting shard, permanent loot or blue essence to unlock the next mastery level.

It sounds like it will be a lot harder to reach the two new master levels than it was to previously get all the way to five.

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