50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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48. Varus

Varus is an AD carry of hyperbole. He takes aspects that most characters have pieces of and extends them to the farthest they can possibly go. For example, a character like Ezreal might have some poke, and even be considered a poke champion, but the ranged monster that is Varus can nearly double the range of any of Ezreal’s abilities.

This monstrous range and massive teamfight potential does not come without a cost, however, as his mobility is severely hindered and he has little tools to shred tanks. Watching a good Varus player is devastating because using the poke effectively can essentially win the game alone.

Seeing a character in a position normally reserved for constant auto attack DPS take such a unique role in a team is what brings Varus to 48. Any ADC that builds tear and focuses mostly on skillshot accuracy (hint) is going to be fun to play and watch — and place highly on this list. Varus is no exception.

All of this, on top of the fact that the character design is pretty cool, especially compared to some of League’s champions (We’re looking at you, Twitch), and you have a very well-rounded and respectable pick.

I do have to say, however, that he loses a couple of points for being so frustrating to play against. It can be relentlessly oppressive to lose over a third of your health to one ability that is spammable, but that’s just part of what makes Varus special.

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