ARURF: 20 best URF champions to get in All Random URF

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Here are the best URF champions that you should be hoping to get this weekend in All Random URF.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, everyone should be drooling over the debut of All Random URF — ARURF.

There’s no questioning that URF is the most popular feature game mode in League, and it’s oddly been missing from the Rotating Game Mode. The new queue was going to be great no matter what, but a lot of people were looking forward to playing URF more than anything else. URF made a couple of quick appearances whenever the queue was first released, but that was months ago.

Thankfully, the wait for URF is FINALLY over. However, it’s not coming back exactly how we’ve grown to love it. In an attempt to freshen things up and make the queue more balanced, URF is returning in the from of ARURF.

The only difference between the two game modes is that players will not be able to pick what champion they want to play. It will be like ARAM in the sense the champion select is random. That’s right, no more super try hard URF games where everyone is on the most OP picks.

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Even though everything is random, champions still have all the same strengths and weaknesses as they did in regular URF. Because of that, there will be certain champions that you will be praying to avoid like Yasuo, Vayne, Udyr and Caitlyn. That was just a small example, but trust that there are many champions that you will want to reroll for anything else.

Not everything is negative, though. The number of champions you want to avoid is small in comparison to the number of champions that you desperately want to play.

With that in mind, here are the 20 best URF champions that you will be hoping to get whenever you queue up for ARURF. It should be noted, however, that the champions are listed in alphabetical order. This is a very subjective topic, and you could easily make the case for any of these champions to be the best in URF.