Zven discusses his year with Origen and G2 Esports

G2 EsportsCredit: lolesports
G2 EsportsCredit: lolesports /

Zven, ADC for G2 Esports, gave us some insight on what the year was like for him.

Following the trend of players giving their post-Worlds thoughts, Zven decided to go over some things from the past season.

He started at the beginning of the year with Origen — his former team.

The regular season of the Spring Split was rough for Origen, but it wasn’t anything that had people worried. Afer all, that was the team that was all about the playoffs and Summer Split. However, Zven didn’t take things lightly.

Zven explained, “When we were struggling to beat bottom tier (7-10) teams like Roccat and when we almost lost to Elements because I was getting hit by Morgana bindings and Janna tornados in 2016 (LUL), I went home alone, almost crying at how fking trash I was and how bad we had become.”

That statement says a lot. It’s like when a couple suddenly realizes their relationship will never be the same and is beyond repair.

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Soon after that, Origen went on to lose in the playoffs against G2 Esports, and Zven and Mithy then joined the team that took them down for the summer.

It would have been nice to see Zven go into more detail about the decision to switch teams, but he didn’t. The only thing he addressed regarding that move was that he didn’t do it for money. Apparently, a lot of people think that’s why he did it, and that hasn’t gone over well with Zven.

“I don’t play for money, I never did and I most likely never will unless I become shit at the game in some years and turn into a salary thief at the bottom of LCS or a bootlicker in a top team till I retire. After worlds 2015 and after the Spring split, I had offers that paid three times the Origen salary, including Azubu streaming money. I had offers in other regions. I didn’t take those offers because I did not like the rosters chances at success and after Worlds, I was 100 % sure that S6 was the year of Origen that I just said no to any person approaching me without even blinking twice,” said Zven.

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Zven in North America would have been a sight to see. Oh well.

Moving ahead to the disappointing performance at Worlds, Zven chalked their poor play in Week 1 to nerves: “We suffered a bit of a mental loss I think. People openly said that they felt uncomfortable on stage, mouse shaking etc (I have been there myself last year when I first entered the Worlds stage so I understand) and they felt like they couldn’t play as good as normally.”

Obviously, things didn’t get better in Week 2, and G2 ultimately was the biggest letdown of Worlds.

“I am truly sorry to embarrass you guys because I know you guys expected great things from us and we were given the opportunity to do so but we failed when it mattered the most. It’s sad to be laughing stock for fans but it’s deserved for now,” said Zven.

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Zven then discussed what the future looks like for himself and G2: “We will most likely stick together as a team, I think we are strong individuals with some young and hungry players that have motivation and room to improve. I don’t have regrets (NO RAGRETS XD) and I am sure that this is just a bump in the road. We will most likely use the Spring Split in 2017 to improve our infrastructure and try to set up ideal practice environments as well as work with more staff (analysts, life coach, psychologist, all this kind of people) to set us up for success.”

“Most likely stick together” doesn’t sound too reassuring. It definitely wouldn’t be surprising to see some changes with G2. The only “untouchables” for them should be their bot lane and jungle. The other positions should be strongly looked at.

G2 has all the talent in the world, but it’s time for them to actually do something with it.

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