Stixxay hints at CLG going through roster changes next year

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CLG may have had the tightest group of five this season, but changes are likely coming.

North America had a disappointing showing at the 2016 World Championship, but none of that blame can be put on CLG. In fact, they probably had the most impressive and entertaining performance of any NA LCS team in groups.

TSM had the group of death, but they would have easily gotten out had they simply played well. Cloud9 was the only NA LCS team to make it out of groups, but that wasn’t because they were great. The benefited from a weak group and crawled into the quarterfinals where they were squashed like a little bug.

CLG, on the other hand, played a tiebreaker match against ROX Tigers to get out of groups. Even though they lost, it was a thrilling position to be in and they made a lot of excitement. Everyone will remember the game where Huhi’s Aurelion Sol dominated ROX.

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A lot of players like to give their fans some insight after big events, and Stixxay recently took to his Facebook to break down some things from the past year.

He said a lot of interesting things, but most notably was his focus on retirement and possible roster changes.

“Staying motivated is something I’ve struggled with, after MSI, even though we had such a good showing I had thoughts of retiring and just being done with it all. We had joked as a team that if we won the tournament we’d all retire as legends but unfortunately we lost.. I ended up continuing playing because I didn’t really feel like there was a reason for me to stop,” said Stixxay.

What the hell? This was Stixxay’s first year playing and he was already considering retirement at the mid-season point? That is utterly shocking. CLG fans have to be worried about this moving forward because it’s not something to take lightly. There might be a split where Stixxay simply throws in the towel because he isn’t motivated. It just doesn’t make sense that someone could not be fully motivated in their first season of play.

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The ADC later went on to discuss Worlds, “Unfortunately, we didn’t make it out of groups, and ended 3-3. It still makes me kind of sad I could’ve carried the last game vs ROX if I had just played slightly better (using heal at the baron fight), but in all honesty it was around 10:30PM and I was so fucking tired, so small (or in this case really big) mistakes like that happened. The last game was pretty emotional for everyone, since no one really knows if thats the last time that we’d all play together.”

It’s pretty lame to see him making the excuse that it was late, but that’s whatever.

The main thing from that statement is that he hinted at changes for the future. Stixxay mentioned that the team talked about retiring if they won MSI, and that was months ago. If there was a sense that this was the last time they would all play together, it is probably because it’s true.

It’s weird to know that this version of CLG is probably done for good. They weren’t the most talented bunch, but they could work as a unit better than anyone else at times.

Simply speculating, CLG would most likely be looking to bring in a new top and mid laner. There’s no telling what they could do if they had some top talent to go with their great coaching and teamwork.

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