Yorick finally gets a new skin and it’s amazing

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Yorick, the Sheperd of Souls, finally got a new skin that is amazing. The new Arclight Yorick skin brings a new light to what has always been a dark and evil champion in League of Legends.

For all Summoners that love League of Legends, skins are what makes everyone get even more excited for their favorite champions in the game. The truth of the matter is, when developers drop new skins, they never cease to amaze thanks to the new visuals, recall animations, and of course, voice over effects. Yorick, the Sheperd of Souls, after many years, has finally got a new skin and it’s amazing.

The new Arclight Yorick skin brings an interesting new concept to the evil, gloomy, and dark champion that is mostly known for harvesting souls to do his bidding. The Arclight style of skins in League of Legends brings the lore of good and protecting those from harm.

Yeah, those that main Yorick felt that while it’s great and exciting to finally give him a new skin, it goes against his established lore. Either way, it’s a skin that at least gives those that play him consistently the option to drop his graveyard-inspired look for something more noble and positive would keep things fresh.

Yorick’s new Arclight skin is currently available via the in-game store for 1,350 Riot Points. Primarily known as a top lane champion, Yorick has been successful as of late since he currently has a 49.67 percent win rate as per Champion.gg.

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His kit enables him to do well in 1v1 situations as well as being a frontline tank in team fights. Once leveled up and geared, Yorick is hard to take down and at the hands of a skilled Summoner, can truly be a force to reckon with when he’s coming after you.

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Besides his Undertaker and Pentakill skins, this new skin adds a refreshing change to the others. Yeah, it might feel out of place but at the end of the day, would be pretty fun to use in the Summoner’s Rift.