Top 5 champions to use in the jungle

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2. The Fury of the North charges in!

Sejuani is one of the highest toughness junglers in League of Legends. With her passive giving her bonus armor, magic resistance and slow resistance (until getting hit by a champion or large monster) she can soak a ridiculous amount of damage at all lengths of the game.

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What makes Sejuani a go-to jungler is her large amounts of crowd control. She has a built-in knock-up with her Arctic Assault to all enemies hit by the initial charge! This ability does not stop on minions and can also traverse across terrain walls for efficient gank paths.

Two wonderful addition to Sejuani’s charge ability is her Permafrost and ultimate ability, Glacial Prison. Both grant decent length stuns and her ultimate also has a large area of effect ring that slows all enemies caught within.

With all of her innate tankiness, Sejuani can itemize differently to better help her team. She’s able to purchase Knight’s Vow, a very cost-efficient item that can help keep her carry alive thus enabling better team play.