When is the game mode Invasion coming back?

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Invasion turned out to be an incredible game mode that left gamers wanting more. When will this popular game mode be back in League of Legends?

When Invasion was first announced, it was met with rave reviews. It would be the first time that League of Legends had a game mode that had a Player versus Environment aspect to it instead of the traditional Player versus Player style of play.

After it was released, it introduced new Star Guardian skins, icons, wards, and endless hours of enjoyment. Summoners knew that this could be the start of great things to come. For the most part, everyone loved it and once it was removed, it left Summoners wondering if and when it would return.

Luckily, developers have confirmed that it wouldn’t be the last time we saw Invasion in League of Legends. Rioter Aeon confirmed that Invasion got an incredible response from gamers and that they haven’t decided when it would be back.

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The good news is, it will indeed be returning towards the usual game mode rotation. It might be another month or two but rest assured, the Star Guardians and all their amazing visual effects will return to fight evil again.

It will be very interesting to see if and when they bring Invasion back if more Star Guardians are added to the mix. New to the Star Guardian lineup from the last time were Ahri, Miss Fortune, Syndra, Ezreal, and Soraka.

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It would be great to see a pattern of developers adding new Star Guardians to the lineup when it comes back, especially for a champion like Urgot who for one reason or another, got a lot of people hoping he’d get such a skin. I don’t see it ever happening but hey, you never know, especially when so many Summoners want to see a Star Guardian Urgot skin go from a dream to reality. For now, at least, expect to see Invasion coming back in the future but at least it won’t be one of those “one and done” kind of game modes in League of Legends.