Breaking down hints of a new mage champion

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League of Legends has dropped a new teaser image of what appears to be a new and “bubbly” kind of mage champion that’s currently being worked on. Here’s a breakdown of what has been revealed so far.

In case you missed it, Rioter Reav3 dropped a hint of what the development team of League of Legends is working on in regards to a brand new champion. Going over what he spoke about recently, it’s safe to say that a new champion is being worked on that’s a mage and apparently, on the cute and bubbly side.

The image used shows butterflies in bubbles and even Reav3 hinted throughout this developer blog that it’ll be a new burst mage that will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in League of Legends. Just like Ornn, it could very well be a champion that has a different dynamic in how they fight enemy champions.

This will more than likely be another mage that is more on the fun, cute, bright, and well, happy side of the spectrum. Perhaps it’ll be another Yordle that brings new spells that will undoubtedly change a match in a blink of an eye. It has to be the kind of abilities or passives that are game-changing, just like Reav3 said.

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Take a look at a key phrase Reav3 said in his latest blog entry:

"The new mage will have unique abilities that haven’t been seen before in League, so hold onto your summoner spells and don’t fall asleep, because change is coming… cataclysmic change. Also, sparkles!"

If one had to assume what might be the direction developers will take with this new mage, it could be one that has the ability to put enemy champions to sleep or maybe even nullify summoner spells within their vicinity. How he worded it could also imply maybe it’s a cute mage until perhaps a meter charges up like Gnar and then once it’s reached, will transform into an entirely different character, kind of like Kayn.

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It will be very excited to see what developers have in store as the game could use another mage that’s different from all the other ones currently in League of Legends. Get ready summoners, looks like this one is bringing bubbles, sparkles, and something new that will change the game as we know it.