New Lag Report tool is perfect for improving gameplay

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When you have internet connection problems, it brings many problems when trying to win matches in League of Legends. Luckily, they just launched a new Lag Report tool which will be perfect for improving gameplay.

Ah yes, we’ve all been there before. You’re doing great in your lane, farming up a good amount of minions, you haven’t died yet and are building up your items in League of Legends fairly quickly. You have a competent team and everyone is communicating, warding, and friendly towards actually winning the match.

Then it happens.

You get the famous window saying you lost connection and they’re trying to reconnect. Next thing you know, a good amount of time has passed and once you get back into the game, you’re dead and your teammates are thinking about what to write when they report you for leaving when the match is over. It’s a frustrating situation but a new tool has launched to help bring better clarity to your connection to the game.

The new Lag Report tool is live and perfect for helping to improve gameplay. It basically compares your connection to everyone else in your area, letting you know which are the best Internet Service Providers to have strong, fast, and stable connections.

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This new tool will undoubtedly shed some light on where you stack up when compared to others and even gives specific tips and techniques to fix your connection for better results. It’s not always about switching providers, but rather, getting some great knowledge on certain things you can specifically do in your area to improve your gaming sessions.

Let’s face it, everyone hates lag but you’d be surprised how changing some router/modem settings, following the steps to improve your PC performance, and lots of other great tips could make a world of a difference. Especially when all you want to do is sit down and delete enemy champions. Check out the new Lag Report tool now as it’s fast and can help correct your exact issues immediately!