Adding a no items warning would be fantastic

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Ever forgotten to buy your items at the start of the match only to realize it’s too late? League of Legends should add a no items warning just to prevent such embarrassing situations.

We’ve all been there at least once when it comes to playing League of Legends. You got your role figured out, which preferred champion you want to play, and right before the match starts, all your runes and masteries are ready to go. You pick your favorite skin, ward, and emotes and are ready to do your best to leave a match victorious.

You wait a few minutes at the loading screen and then the match finally starts. You’re anxious to get set in your respective role, minions have spawned, and now it’s time to farm and above all else, make sure to not die early on. Then it hits you.

The match has started, waves of minions are funneling into their lanes, and you forgot to get your starting items. Now you have to Recall back, get your items, and head back into position but by then, you’ll be off during the early laning phase of the match. Worst of all, you’re the center of jokes and ridicule from teammates because you completely forgot to get your items.

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In the grand scheme of things, it would be fantastic if perhaps down the road, developers of League of Legends added a “no items warning” that would kindly remind you that you don’t have any equipped and need to before a match starts.

It could be something hilarious or maybe even a barricade that won’t let you even leave the fountain before you have your starting items equipped.

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You’d be surprised how often this happens as sometimes people honestly forget. Adding a simple no items message could fix this once and for all and also save many Summoners a good amount of embarrassment for forgetting something so important.