Galio is broken and overpowered after patch 7.21

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After patch update 7.21 went live, Galio has become broken to where his new buffs have made him overpowered in League of Legends.

Patch update 7.21 is live and was supposed to nerf, buff, and most of all, balance several champions in League of Legends. Galio received some changes to what developers believed would balance him out. Unfortunately, he’s anything but that.

Developers raised the ability power of his Passive – Colossal Smash as well as his Q – Winds of War, W – Shield of Durand, and E – Justice Punch. Yeah, they nerfed his overall base damage of these abilities but the ability power buff is just too much. He’s so overpowered at this point in time that his overall Attack Power hits enemy champions like a truck.

Galio now packs a serious punch every single time he goes up against anyone in 1v1 situations and in team fights, can knock out enemy champions quickly. Summoners are stacking items with heavy AP and have turned him into a game-breaking champion that can two or even three shot enemy champions due to so much burst damage. In some cases, he can even one-shot enemies like in the video below:

Expect to see developers hotfix Galio immediately or even remove him temporarily from League of Legends since as of late, he’s been hot on the ban list. Even in the handful of matches I’ve played in so far this week, Galio has been permabanned in literally every single one of them.

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While it’s admirable that developers wanted to put Galio back in a better place, they overbuffed him beyond belief. Yeah, he can clear minion waves much faster now but it’s just ridiculous to how much damage he can dish out. Enemy champions are dropping like flies because no amount of Armor or Magic Resist can compensate for how broken he is against even the strongest of champions.

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Hopefully, this gets fixed sooner than later but either way, Galio mains out there are undoubtedly unhappy they can’t even play their favorite champion. And if they’re lucky to even get past the champion select screen, it’s not going to be something worth practicing in because he’s going to more than likely get fixed immediately.