The glorious nerf of Ardent Censer

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Patch update 7.21 is here and it has finally addressed the overpowered aspects of Ardent Censer, the popular support item in League of Legends.

For a while now, the popular support item known as Ardent Censer was overpowered in League of Legends, to say the least. Summoners that played the support role would immediately rush to build it as literally every single website that had suggested items for starting out said to do so since it worked.

With that came a lot of successful matches since the attack speed buff was simply too much to handle for opposing champions besides the base stats. All of the popular casters in the META at support undoubtedly had a field day equipping it thanks to everything it brought to the table.

Developers noticed as it’s presumed that a plethora of gamer feedback suggested that Ardent Censer simply was unbalanced and too much to handle on the receiving end. Patch update 7.21 was set to finally fix it once and for all.

As per the Media Relations Department of League of Legends, here is what developers nerfed for Ardent Censer:

"ATTACK SPEED BUFF 20-35% ⇒ 10-30%ON-HIT MAGIC DAMAGE BUFF 20-35 ⇒ 5-20"

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In the grand scheme of things, these nerfs needed to happen. Now, anyone who wants to rush building Ardent Censer right at the start of a match won’t get such a fast speed boost when using their abilities or have it create such a big advantage in the early laning phase.

It’s important to have fair and competitive gameplay which is why League of Legends continues to be one of the most played video games in the world. Developers continue to tweak and improve as much as they can with each patch update to continue making the game head in the right direction. This is another case where they got it right, albeit, taking longer than usual to address it.

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Overall, those that have used Ardent Censer for months now will definitely feel the changes as it’s going to shift into a late-game item in the long-term.