Making the most out of the new Death Sworn event

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Gather your friends and make the most out of the new limited-time event in League of Legends known as Death Sworn.

From now until Wed., Nov. 1, 2017, a new limited-time event will be available in League of Legends known as Death Sworn. This is directly for all you Summoners out there that love Halloween and all the great themes around it.

Besides Halloween-inspired skins that are available and on sale via the in-game Store featuring various champions, new Death Sworn skins, icons, emotes, missions, and rewards are ready for the taking.

For the new Death Sworn skins, Viktor, Katarina, and Zed are available at 1,350 Riot Points each. They’re fantastic and well worth the purchase, especially if any of them are your main champions in League of Legends.

To make the most out of this event, make sure to let all your friends know to log in and play as a group with an emphasis on using different skins. The specific missions around this event are very easy to complete and if you do both correctly, you’ll earn a new icon and ward.

The first one is the easiest as you just need to encounter 30 skins in matchmade games. Make sure to let your friends and teammates know to equip a new skin and it’ll get completed in no time so you can easily earn the new Death Sworn icon.

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The Death Sworn ward will require a bit more time and patience but it’s important to start working on it immediately. Communication is the key to all success as it’s the same situation in League of Legends. The best thing to do is copy/paste a quick message to put in the Lobby chat on what you need to get done so everyone can chip away at it.

You can make new friends in the process and continue to queue up together to get it done. Keep in mind, anyone on your team can earn it for you so it doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders to do it all but you’d need to kill two Barons, two Rift Heralds, and eight Dragons for mission completion.

With the start of the weekend upon us, it’s the best time to fire up some matchmade matches and enjoy everything this awesome new event brings. After you earn your icon and ward, don’t forget that from now until Tue., Nov. 7, 2017, the Doom Bots of Doom game mode is currently in rotation.

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For all of you, that undoubtedly hate Teemo like the majority of Summoners do, play this mode to exact your revenge on him for all his annoying mushrooms and darts. Yeah, he’s evil this time around but this PvE game mode is a ton of fun. So definitely make sure to get some matches in this game mode before it’s gone for a while.