How to succeed in Doom Bots of Doom

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Doom Bots of Doom is now live in League of Legends as here’s how to succeed in the popular game mode but most importantly, finally kill Teemo.

In case you’ve never played Doom Bots of Doom, let’s just say, if you hated Teemo before, you’re going to hate him even more after you play this mode a few times. This is a Player versus Environment mode that is one of the hardest in League of Legends. In order to succeed, patience, communication, and survivability are the name of the game.

Doom Bots of Doom is super hard because the difficulty can get out of hand as enemy champions use their amped-up main abilities against you and your teammates. They do more damage and aren’t like the dumb A.I. bots you play in the Summoner’s Rift as they work together, hit hard, and will do whatever it takes to kill you.

Trust me when I say, the best thing to do is go in with friends who are not only good with their respective champions but know how to survive at all costs. This isn’t a mode that one can fly through as it’s the most frustrating 15 minutes you’ll ever encounter in a game mode.

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Once you and your team hit the 15-minute mark, you’ll get an opportunity to face Little Devil Teemo who will be bigger than any tower in the game. He’ll bring everything he’s got as he rampages through the middle lane to destroy your very existence and then take down your Nexus.

In order to succeed, stress that it’s important to survive and work as a team by focus firing on enemies and of course, Teemo once he spawns. If everyone does their own thing, you’ll go nowhere fast.

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You’ll be dealing with being immobilized a lot of the time so it’s important to kill off enemies as a team and once you go up against Teemo, throw everything you got at him and again, stay alive no matter what. Doom Bots of Doom is active from now until Tue., Nov. 7, 2017, at 4:00 a.m. PT.