Breaking down new changes to Ascension

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In order to increase engagement in the popular Ascension game mode, developers of League of Legends are making some big changes to ensure it’s competitive from start to finish.

We’ve all been there before. We see that Ascension is the game mode that is live in the rotation and it’s the same song and dance in League of Legends. The majority of the time, Summoners tend to stop wanting to engage each other in Ascension when either they or someone on their team has that epic Ascension buff. The reason is, they want to hold onto it for as long as possible which turns what’s supposed to be a quick match into a rather long one that ends up being repetitive and boring.

Developers have noticed this and wanted to change things a bit when Ascension returns to League of Legends. The kind of changes that will make Summoners want to go at it at all times so matches go quicker instead of dragging on.

In an article written by Tanner Dedmon of, he confirmed that three key changes are coming to Ascension in order to make it more engaging from start to finish. Here’s what is currently being tested in the Public Beta Environment:

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"Players now have access empowered recall throughout the game, so take a break from the action and head back to base to grab some fancy new items."

"Empowered recall is disabled for Ascended characters."

"If you somehow manage to get back to base while you are Ascended (here’s looking at you Pantheon) you will be stripped of the Ascension buff and Xerath will respawn as normal as if you died while ascended."

In case you’ve never played this game mode, it’s a fun 5v5 mode where it’s all about scoring points to leave the match victorious. Once the Ancient Ascendant Xerath spawns in the middle of the map, whoever kills him will get a special buff that gives bonus health, mana, Attack Power, Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction, Armor, and Magic Penetration. Needless to say, it’s an amazing buff at the cost of having all healing and regeneration cut in half in addition to enemy champions having vision on you at all times you are Ascended.

For every champion you kill, you get one point, when you hold down and capture a Shuriman relic, it earns you three points. If you get the final kill on an Ascended champion, that will get you five points and if you start running wild and killing enemy champions with the Ascension buff, you’ll get two points per kill while Ascended. The first team to 200 points wins the match.

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Ascension is set to be the main game mode for the upcoming patch update 7.22 in addition to the huge Runes Reforged update. With these new changes being implemented, it should finally make this game more competitive.