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Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, is finally getting a new skin added to her lineup in what seems like it took forever to happen in League of Legends. Best of all, Summoners can vote for which final one of three will be released.

When one looks at Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, it’s amazing to believe that she only has two skins in her lineup. All she has is her default one and another one inspired by the Void. That’s right, the popular top lane champion in League of Legends besides what she was created with, only has the Void Bringer Illaio one as an alternative skin.

It might have taken a bit longer than usual, but it’s great to see that League of Legends has officially announced that a new skin is currently being developed to give her a whole new look, animations, and everything else in between. Well, actually, three new skins have been created but only one will be added into the game.

Developers are giving Summoners a chance to vote on the next new skin of Illaoi. At this point in time, three have been developed but only one will be selected based on which one gets the highest amount of votes. Every single vote counts so make sure to head on over to the official League of Legends site, log in, and cast your vote!

The three new skins that were designed are Battle Illaoi, Adventurer Illaoi, and Deep Space Illaoi. All three have some pretty great styles to them and tell quite the different story.

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For me personally, I voted for Adventurer Illaoi since it goes well with her original lore and well, kind of pays homage to one of the greatest female video game characters or all time. That’s right, I see the similarities to Lara Croft, the famous Tomb Raider, that provided so many years of great gaming experiences.

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Regardless of which skin you end up voting for, they all look great and would easily be a welcomed addition compared to her other skins. Make sure to get your final vote in and get your friends involved too since it would be nice to get smashed in the face with newer looking tentacles instead of the same ones we’ve seen for a while now.