Being friendly and understanding will raise Honor level

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Many Summoners have yet to increase their Honor level in League of Legends as it all comes down to being friendly and understanding in the grand scheme of things.

Have you noticed you haven’t really earned any key fragments as of late or even leveled up your Honor? Chances are, you might be doing well when it comes to actually playing League of Legends but are forgetting one of the core aspects of the game. It’s all about teamwork, communication, and above all else, being friendly to the point of leaving a match victorious.

At the end of every match, Summoners are able to vote for one person they felt went above and beyond to do well, regardless if they win or lose. If you’re not getting any Honor votes at the end of matches, you’re either not engaging enough with your teammates or simply put, not standing out from the crowd.

Millions of gamers play League of Legends and it’s important to understand that being friendly and understanding, will go a very long way in not only winning a match but also, earning Honor votes. When you see a teammate die early on or maybe they made a big mistake walking into a 2v1 situation, don’t blast them in chat or belittle them.

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Give then tips and a heads up for next time. You’d be surprised how far that kind of mentality will go which will often times produce winning results. Being understanding is the key to it all. Remember, not everyone that plays League of Legends is a pro and a lot of times could use some insight on how to improve in their respective role.

Having personally earned Honor level 4, I’m not the best at League of Legends but I am positive, friendly, and offer advice when needed for a great experience. I don’t care if we win or lose as a team, just as long as everyone does their very best since it’s all anyone can ask for.

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If you want to increase your Honor level, be kind, offer help, and remember, at the end of it all, it’s just a video game. You’ll only get better the more you practice and understand the mechanics of the game, especially if you’re a friendly gamer that understands no matter how good you are, we all started somewhere.