Preparing for the epic Runes Reforged update

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Runes Reforged will completely change League of Legends as we know it. Here are some tips on preparing for the biggest patch update to ever hit the game.

When Runes Reforged goes live on Wed., Nov. 8, 2017, it will completely change everything we know about League of Legends. Developers are completely rehauling the old runes system in favor of one that actually has a bigger impact in a match.

In order to prepare for all the big changes, as always, knowledge is power. Just like all the amazing strategies to use in order to win matches in League of Legends, it’s just as important to know all the different playstyles that await so you find the best one that suits you.

There will be five unique paths to choose from in Runes Reforged. Whether you want to burst damage in a blink of an eye, have better crowd control, or even add more survivability, there is something for everyone.

The five paths are Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve, and Inspiration. They’ll be 60 or so total runes that will go live once the update is complete so the possibilities are endless. Of course, anything can change between now and the update but expect to see developers constantly tweak and update things as they see sit to ensure high-quality and fair competitiveness.

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The best thing to do before Runes Reforged is to play with all the different paths, runes, and options you have before a match by using the amazing theorycraft tool. Check it out for all its glory to get familiar with everything that awaits, especially the Keystone runes that directly affect your contributions in a match.

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All runes will be free and fully available in your Profile via the in-game client. Basically, you pick your favorite path, three Keystone runes, then you pick three minor runes under each Keystone selection and you’ll be good to go. Every Summoner will have a total of six runes that will give them unique abilities, stats, and some interesting game-changing mechanics that again, will be unique to the Summoner that equips them. Get ready everyone, this update is going to be an amazing one considering what people will ultimately come up with.