Legends Never Die gets an Alan Walker remix

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Legends Never Die is already an amazing theme song for the Worlds 2017 League of Legends tournament. What happens when it gets an Alan Walker remix? Check out the amazing results.

In case you haven’t heard the official theme song of Worlds 2017 called “Legends Never Die” by Against the Current, it’s a great song that captures the essence of competitive League of Legends. This year’s Worlds tournament has been amazing as the final two teams are set to do battle between SKT T1 and Samsung Galaxy.

It promises to be an amazing end to another great tournament featuring some of the best professional gamers in the world. Since the finale is right around the corner, famous DJ Alan Walker has officially made a remix of the “Legends Never Die” song and well, it’s an amazing one at that.

Check it out below to see it in all its glory:

Pretty amazing, eh? Walker is no stranger to making hits as he’s been doing it for a few years now and is considering one of the most successful DJ’s in the scene. It’s great to see him break out into gaming since his music is perfect to listen to when doing your best to get a Pentakill in a match.

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If one thinks about it, this year’s finale between SKT T1 and SSG captures this song perfectly. It’s no secret that even though SKT T1 is considered to be one of the greatest League of Legends teams in the world, they haven’t been at the top of their game. To think they almost lost to Royal Never Give Up proves that even those considered immortal can indeed bleed.

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Should SSG beat SKT T1 to become the Worlds 2017 champions, it would undoubtedly prove they’ll be the next force to reckon with in the Esports scene. Either way, expect to see a crazy finale that could very well see new champions crowned for the first time in years.