Breaking down the smart changes to the Lobby

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Noticed how faster things are now in the Lobby of League of Legends when playing with your friends? Here’s a breakdown of the smart changes for better experiences when queuing up.

League of Legends is all about competitive matches, executing your role, and above all else, having fun. Whether you play with friends or family, it’s all about enjoying some great moments in the Summoner’s Rift. Developers wanted to enhance the process of inviting your friends, queuing up, and having a nice string of matches when you sit to have long gaming sessions without major interruptions.

In an article written by Tanner Dedmon of, he confirmed the three key changes to the Lobby which are some solid quality-of-life features to expedite matchmaking with the same people. Right from the start, you’ll notice that after you have your group set and everyone picks their primary and secondary roles, those will stay the same as you queue up together.

This makes matchmaking so much easier instead of having to wait for everyone to once again pick the same roles. Another great change is having the ability to change the game mode by simply clicking a button.

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All the party leader has to do is click on the “Change Game Type” button and they can easily change game modes. It’s easy to go from competitive matches to the game mode that is currently in the rotation in no time whatsoever. Talk about saving time when people want to switch things up during a gaming session.

Finally, your teammates now have a special ready system to let the party leader know everyone is ready to continue queueing up. Yeah, most teams tend to be on a headset either on Discord or Skype but those of you that play with random people, this undoubtedly helps keep everyone on the same page. Now, you’ll know who is ready and who needed to step away to grab another drink.

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Overall, after seeing all these changes personally, it’s saved me so much time from playing consecutive matches with my friends. Everyone picks their two roles and off we go with hopes of winning as many games as possible. We’ll do three matches and then switch to some ARAM and then end the night with two final attempts in Doom Bots of Doom. I’ve yet to beat that darn mode and to be honest, it makes me hate Teemo even more.