League of Legends buffs every champion’s stats in Runes Reforged

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Due to the massive update in Runes Reforged, developers of League of Legends have buffed every champion’s stats to ensure balanced gameplay and also realized that it was a bit too much considering how much of an impact runes are having.

Right before Runes Reforged went live earlier in the week, it took League of Legends by storm. At first, many Summoners were excited but as the patch update went through, the entire game at first felt broken and completely different.

Developers have noticed all the complaints across the community as many Summoners feel their champions are overpowered and that the game is completely broken and unbalanced. Not only will they be hotfixing champions on a daily basis to bring the game back to a balanced state, but developers have been constantly listening to feedback from the community.

The main problem is, right from the start, developers buffed every single champion in League of Legends. Support champions were overhealing, damage-dealing champions felt overpowered, and even the tankiest of top lane champions felt like they were unstoppable.

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It’s going to more than likely take a few more weeks of patching and hotfixing but the game is slowly but surely getting corrected. The new runes system will take some time to get used to but for now, developers are going back on their original buffs of champions and correcting things as they see it.

Either way, it’s good to see developers do what is needed to turn League of Legends back into a playable state. At this point in time, no changes have been made at all to runes but it’s expected that developers are continuing to gauge the community to do what makes the most sense.

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Overall, while the speed of matches might have been noticeably faster, skill is still needed to succeed in League of Legends. Hopefully, all these issues with overpowered champions will be corrected by the end of the year so 2018 will bring in a new season focused on balanced competition and above all else, a fair experience regardless of the champion used in the Summoner’s Rift.