Developers get it right with infinite level system

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When it comes to the new leveling system in League of Legends, it’s a refreshing and rewarding situation once you sit back and just game.

For years now, the Level 30 cap in League of Legends was a journey to finally achieve but once it was earned, left much to the imagination. Yeah, as you leveled up you earned Influence Points but the system was outdated for years, to say the least.

With the new Runes Reforged update finally live, it changed many aspects of League of Legends from champions, runes, and completely removed the level cap. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, there is no more level cap in the game as it goes to infinity.

As you level up, Summoners will earn loot boxes for every level earned. That is also combined with earning IP at the end of every match. Keep in mind that after certain level milestones are achieved, Summoners will earn gemstones and exclusive emotes that can’t be purchased in the Store but only earned by leveling up.

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So far, the new leveling system is a breath of fresh air and feels much more rewarding than the old system. There are many more incentives since a loot box can contain a number of goodies that make for a better experience when gaming.

The truth be told, it is great to see a number besides 30 on my own personal level. Now, I can sit for a few hours at a time and hopefully, string along enough wins to level up even faster. With the new ability to earn more XP with the “first win of the day” feature, makes leveling feel like it’s not a chore at all and goes in line with other popular online video games. You just sit back, game, and enjoy all the rewards coming your way.

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Overall, developers got it right by removing the old leveling system and bringing in a new era of endless leveling. It now has more loot eligible to be earned than ever before and is even more rewarding when playing with a group of friends.