League of Legends – Patch 8.24 Tier List

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Patch 8.24 has dropped, and plenty of sites are already ranking which champions are the best and worst to boost your MMR before the Season 9 climb begins. With so many sources to choose from, we have combined all their rankings to create our own tier list based on the average ranking for each champion at each position.

If you’re a hungry League of Legends player, looking to boost your chances at ranking up, your first step is likely determining which champion to pick. If you, like so many others, would like to rely on a tier list to know that you’re maximizing your chances by playing a strong champion, it can be difficult to choose which one is most reliable.

Some sites build their lists off of data collection, factoring in win rates, pick rates, ban rates, KDAs, and other factors (see MetaSRC, Lolalytics, OP.GG, ugitgud). Other sites have contributing experts, high elo streamers and players, who give their opinions on which champions are at the top tier right now (see Mobalytics, Tierlist.gg, Proguides). The question is, which tier list and methodology is best?

In truth, none of these methods for ranking champions in a tier list are incorrect. Using raw data to determine which champions are performing most optimally gives real-time information from the game without taking into account human biases. However, expert rankings can give their own knowledge of which champions have the capacity to perform most optimally at a given time, even when the data doesn’t bear that out due to widespread misplay or underuse of a certain champion.

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As a result, at Blog of Legends we have endeavored to give you the best of both worlds. Instead of making our own tier list based off Riot’s API data or our experts’ opinions on who got stronger based on buffs and nerfs, in a new project we will be tracking the rankings from a multitude of other sites and formulating our own tier list based on the average ranking a champion received in all these lists.

The data itself can be found here, but to expand on the methodology a bit, whenever a site classified their rankings by a “tier grade” (i.e. S tier, A tier, etc.) we assigned them a score based on the “grade” a champion received similar to the corresponding grades in school. In the event that the tier list was by elo (i.e. challenger tier, diamond tier, etc.), we assigned them a corresponding score as well.

Since each ranking’s distribution of scores was slightly skewed (some tier lists only gave a few S grades while others had many), we standardized the scores based on the mean and standard deviation of scores given by the source across all rankings. Therefore, in each tier list that was used a champion with an “average” score would receive a zero, above average would have a positive score, and below average would be a negative number.

We averaged seven of these such scores for each source (a champion needed to be scored in at least four different tier lists at a given position to be included on this tier list) to get the “average” ranking across all of these different tier lists. The breakdown of score cutoffs that were used to define the tiers on our ranking is as follows:

"S tier (priority pick/ban champions): 1.000 and above A tier (above average/strong champions): 0.250 – 0.999 B tier (meta or playable champions): 0.249 – -0.249 C tier (blow average/weak champions): -0.249 – -0.999 D tier (non-meta/do not pick champions): -1.000 and below"

We also included information about the spread of scores to indicate which champions rankings were consistent (having a lower spread or standard deviation indicates the different rankings largely agreed that this tier is where the champion should be ranked, whereas a higher spread indicates one or two lists may have skewed the ranking).

Therefore, we will include our tier list for each position and discuss which champions stood out for one reason or another. We will also discuss trends as to which champions or classes appear to be stronger or weaker in the current meta.