League of Legends: the five best allied champs to have on your team

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The start of a fresh ranked season is now well underway as summoners begin to test their wits and battle it out on the rift on the journey to climb through the prestigious ranks of League of Legends. This list will explore the five best allied champs we love to see and that anyone would enjoy having on their ranked team for each respective lane.

It’s your fifth game of promos to Gold IV. You’ve picked your comfort pick in your best role, but your last teammate still hasn’t hovered, let alone selected, the final champion to round out the team comp. In these trying moments, we ask: who are the best allied champs you’d like to see that teammate lock in during your ranked game?

Top Lane: Darius

Starting out the list of the best allied champs we love to see on our ranked teams begins in the top lane with Darius. The Noxian brute has somewhat of a reputation for penta-killing teams of every elo bracket and for good reason.

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Although he is susceptible to getting kited, the Summoner Spell Ghost and other movement speed items have given Darius a method to chase down even the trickiest of foes to catch. Combine this with Darius’ overwhelming damage regardless of if he is behind or not and the fact he’s also naturally beefy, almost any team composition can benefit from having a Darius on their team.

Jungle: Kha’ Zix

One of the overlords of the jungle for many seasons now, Kha’ Zix has solidified himself as a menacing presence on the rift based on his ability to control objectives with his isolated Q damage, all while having unrelenting ganking pressure and invisibility to escape and weave in and out of the enemy backline.

Kha’Zix’s no-fault-for-error-like kit is really what makes him shine. As long as your teammates follow the correct build path and evolve the correct abilities, your Kha’Zix should be having a scrumptious feast on bot lanes for games to come.

Mid: Lissandra

This was probably the hardest pick to choose on this list as many mid laners posses their own unique characteristics which depending on your composition, will benefit your team. So while a Yasuo may be great on a certain team comp, he may not fit in everywhere. This is where Lissandra shines. She has the ability to suit any team comp and really create an impact.

An invulnerability, lockdown crowd control and even an escape are all apart of Lissandra’s arguably over-tuned kit. She even saw a passive rework which gave the mage even more power in team fights than she already had. Combine all of this with the Aftershock keystone, which has been seeing play for quite some time now, and you and your team should have no issues coming out of the mid lane.

Bottom: Ezreal

For at least a couple of seasons past, Ezreal had been largely outclassed by some of his peers in the bot lane and hadn’t really seen the spotlight which champions like Lucian, Jhin, and Xayah were getting. Then the introduction of Kai’Sa put even more of a damper on things and Ezreal was seeing an all-time low win rate.

However, after some significant nerfs to these champions mentioned, buffs to our Demacian friend, and a double Tear of the Goddess build setup, Ezreal has once again found a power position within the bot lane. His Mystic Shots are once again dealing tons of damage, almost reminiscent of the Ezreal mid with smite days.

Ezreal’s safety net with Arcane Shift and the sustain of Kleptomancy, as well as the added power he’s now seen with the new build are all huge contributing factors to the success Ezreal is now seeing bot-side and is that is why seeing Ezreal on your team is a good thing. He has to be one of the best allied champs to see a teammate lock in during your promos.

Support: Lulu

Okay, now there may be a little bias going into this next pick as Lulu is a support that I simply cannot stand going against. Her Polymorph as the ability to change the course of a fight and if you do not have Cleanse or Quicksilver Sash, you’re not going to have a good time facing a Lulu.

She will compliment any ADC in the game and in a bot lane focused meta like we’ve been seeing lately, having her on your team will be sure to leave some sinister smiles on the faces of your teammates as they gawk over the impending doom of your opponents.

Her ultimate and shielding capabilities make killing off her ADC near impossible and her taunts and jokes are enough to make anyone go clinically insane. If you want a champion to visibly upset the enemy team and induce anger, well look no further than Lulu.

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Do you agree with our list of the best allied champs we love to see on our ranked teams? What are some other champions you like to see in your ranked games? Let us know in the comments section down below.