Valentine’s Day Champion Couples Tier List

Rakan and Xayah. League of Legends.
Rakan and Xayah. League of Legends. /
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Rakan. League of Legends.
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February 14th marks the celebration of Valentine’s Day, an annual festival of love and romance that dates back hundreds of years. It is a day for couples across the world to dine in fancy restaurants, drink expensive wine and give each other thoughtful gifts, all while League of Legends players remain at home and play ARURF.

But it’s important to remember that we’re not the only ones who celebrate this exciting occasion. As evidenced by the yearly influx of additions to the ‘Heartseeker’ and ‘Sweetheart’ skin lines, the citizens of Runeterra are also participants in the Valentine’s Day festivities.

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The casual League of Legends community will most likely be unaware of multiple champion relationships due to the never-ending restructuring of the lore and champion biographies. However, in order to shed some light on this universe’s various romantic affairs, here is a Valentine’s Day champion couples tier list to break down the intricacies of Runeterra’s most recognised relationships.

D – Ezreal & Lux

We begin with a complicated love story that many may be able to relate to – Ezreal and Lux. While the exact details of this relationship remained unclear for years, the recent in-game voice updates to both champions provided some clarity on the situation, much to the delight of the community.

Previously there were rumours that this duo were a couple as part of League’s old lore, however with the recent ‘Universe’ rebuild, there is no longer evidence for their relationship. That being said, in both Ezreal’s and Lux’s voice updates there are hints towards the nature of their feelings towards one another.

Unfortunately for Ezreal, it appears that Lux has no interest in his advances and his love for her is not reciprocated. While the Prodigal Explorer is a natural flirt when the two meet on the Rift, Lux is anything but appreciative, even asserting that they’ve “never even talked”.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that this couple only receives a D on the Valentine’s Day champion couples tier list. Despite Ezreal’s persistence, it’s unlikely that these young mages will be heading on a date any time soon.

C – Twisted Fate & Evelynn

Despite their relationship being retconned in the lore updates, Twisted Fate and Evelynn will always be one of the more interesting romances in League of Legends history. Originally, the duo were a famous couple in Runeterra, attending a number of events together and they even received their own skin line to celebrate – ‘Tango Twisted Fate’ and ‘Tango Evelynn’.

Nevertheless, as a result of the lore reshuffle, any evidence of their past relationship has been removed. With hope, when the League of Legends ‘Universe’ is completely updated, there’ll be more insight into the complex relationship between these two champions.

B – Rumble & Tristana

The bond between Rumble and Tristana is one of the few in the game to feature in Riot-produced content. In Pentakill’s Mortal Reminder music video, there’s a brief glimpse into the relationship between the two Yordles, as Rumble offers flowers to his crush, Tristana, before the members of Pentakill put on a performance in Bandle City.

Not only that, but you don’t have to be a League of Legends veteran to have been informed by the loading screen that Rumble named his mech ‘Tristy’ after his close Yordle friend. Also, upon completing a ‘Mechs vs. Minions’ mission on the League of Legends’ website in 2016, players were treated to a brief audio epilogue in which Rumble and Tristana’s relationship is heavily hinted at.

While the lack of lore evidence and content leaves this couple rated B on the Valentine’s Day champion couples tier list, there’s no doubt that they’d receive an S+ for cuteness. Hopefully with the updates to the lore and Runeterra Universe, we’ll get a closer look at the relationship between these two in the future.