League of Legends: Into the Fray! – Quick thoughts about the Kayle Rework!

Kayle Rework. League of Legends.
Kayle Rework. League of Legends. /
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Kayle & Morgana
Kayle & Morgana – Credit – Riot Games /

Riot’s long-awaited dual VGU for twin sisters Kayle & Morgana has just been released and like an angel on your shoulder, we’re here to give you our thoughts on the better sister’s shiny new visuals and gameplay! As Kayle says – let’s get “into the fray!”

So first off, the visuals for Kayle’s VGU are absolutely beautiful. Riot has doubled down on the whole “Ascendant Angel” archetype. Her armor is no longer a solid block of ridged gold (that looked like it’d be impossible to manoeuvre in let alone fly in), complete with a rigid piece of blood-red fabric awkwardly draped between her legs.

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Riot instead opted into a sleeker design; what looks to be regal purple underclothes, with a breastplate, arms and legs all in a cream & gold colour scheme. The armor looks very similar to that of the petricite that Galio is made of; this could possibly hint at a connection with Demacia in the accompanying lore update.

She’s also gained a few more wings with her VGU, starting with a pitiful two white eagle wings and gains two extra pairs as her four stage passive levels up. And as everyone knows; more wings = more power!

That’s enough about her looks, we all know beauty is only skin deep and the gameplay is really where this rework’s inner beauty really shines!