League of Legends: Who is the greatest NA squad of all time?

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C9 Sneaky - League of Legends
C9 Sneaky – Riot Games /

Competitive League of Legends has existed for almost ten years, and now and then a great squad of NA will rise. Today we’ll be ranking them.

If you tuned in to some of the North American League of Legends action a few weeks ago, you may have seen what looked like a bunch of idiots diving the enemy Fountain, trying to get their Sivir a Pentakill. You may have also noticed the Sivir running away as the Fountain’s death-laser melted the rest of her team.

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Of course, that Sivir was Sneaky – AKA SnEaKyCaStRoO, C9 StealthBomber, etc. – the Meme Supreme and the final remaining member of the original NA LCS C9 squad.

This squad blew through the rest of NA in Summer of 2013 and reasserted their dominance through the next split. To this day, C9 remains a contender for the top spot in NA on the organizational bedrock and fandom built by Sneaky and his original squad.


But C9 isn’t the only dominant team throughout NA’s history. North America has seen her share of legendary rosters come and go, sweeping through their opposition before losing to other teams or internal roster changes.

But there can only be one “best squad.” Today we’ll be looking through the history of NA superteams and underdogs, trying to find our Greatest of All Time. I’ll comb through several eras in which a team dominated and rank the power and accomplishments of that squad.

A note before we begin: while there are several factors we can use to determine who is statistically superior, the ever-changing nature of League of Legends complicates these statistics.

A team competing in the first competitive season can’t have their statistics fairly ranked against one competing this year. The same is true for any squads competing in separate seasons. There are new champions, the game has changed, and the meta has shifted since previous seasons.

Instead, I would like to center on expectations and assumed power level surrounding the squad, as well as their results. Regional dominance will play a large part in this because, well, we’re NA and there aren’t a whole lot of international results we can look proudly on. Each best squad will also be rated based on the time and meta in which it was performing.

With all that said, let’s count down our best teams.