League of Legends: Recasting Game of Thrones with LoL champions

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Garen. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

The world will be watching when Game of Thrones returns this Sunday, but how would Westeros look if it were populated by champions from League of Legends?

Game of Thrones returns on Sunday for its widely-anticipated final season. Famed for its complex narratives about power, politics, and a whole lot of sex, you wouldn’t think Game of Thrones has a lot in common with League of Legends. But how wrong you would be.

You see, there are a lot of character archetypes that cross-over from League of Legends to other fantasy and/or science fiction properties. From the rogue to the outlaw to the benevolent leader, these tropes are not unique to LoL or GoT.

So, today we will be examining which League of Legends champions most closely align with the major characters from Game of Thrones. We’ll do our best to link them by their personality traits or archetypes, but in some cases, we might just go by who looks like who. In any case, if there ever was the greatest cross-over the world has ever seen, here’s how we would cast each major character.

House Stark = Demacia

An explanation is not needed here. Demacia is the region which values honor, valiance, and loyalty.

There is no clearer parallel than to House Stark, who committed to loyalty and honor above all else. Demacia remembers and justice is coming.

Ned Stark = Garen

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Although not the true “patriarch” of Demacia, Garen is the exemplar of Demacia in every way imaginable. Just as Ned was loyal and trustworthy that others would act honorably and do the right thing, Garen is steadfast in his belief of honor and hating magic. Those feelings got both of them in trouble, as Garen didn’t know that his sister was actually one of the mages he so hated and Ned…well you know.

There is something poetic that the man who famously said: “the man who carries the sentence should swing the sword” is being cast by the guy who literally drops a giant sword out of the sky. But that’s a happy coincidence.

Catelyn Stark = Caitlyn

I’ll admit, this is mostly off the name. In fairness, though, there isn’t a fiercely protective, matriarchal female in League of Legends or someone who can’t corral her son to keep it in his pants and not destroy one of the family’s most important alliances.

Robb Stark = Jarvan IV

The Prince of Demacia is played by the King in the North. Just as Jarvan’s head-strong and reckless actions got many of his men killed in the war, Robb’s head-strongness got his men killed at dinner. Unfortunate that the Young Wolf couldn’t flag-and-drag his way out of Walder Frey’s house.

Sansa Stark = Lux

The sister of Garen, Lux embodied everything that her brother hated when she discovered her own magical powers and kept them hidden. Similarly, Sansa has become the opposite of her father, Ned, as she developed a propensity for politics, strategy, and lying.

Whereas her father’s rigidness and failure to see the bigger picture caused his undoing, Sansa learned from these mistakes to become more adept at “the game” than he ever was. As for Lux, while her brother fears and despises magic, she has harnessed that power he fears to become a more formidable warrior than he.

Arya Stark = Fiora

Fiora is the daughter of a nobleman who eschews suitors and expectations of elegant behavior to become one of the greatest swordswomen in Demacia. Sound familiar? Kind of like the daughter of a great house who only wanted to be a great warrior and trained with some of the greatest killers in the Seven Kingdoms?