League of Legends LCK power rankings – Week 2

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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SKT Clid. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

For those not keeping abreast of the LCK action, here’s a recap of which Korean League of Legends teams are performing well.

Week 3 of the LCK kicked off today, and so far each of the teams in the League of Legends Champions Korea has played four sets of games. In Week 1, we saw Kingzone jump out to a surprising start, SKT falter, and Griffin not dominate. Have our LCK power rankings changed from last week.

10. Hanwha Life Esports (2-6)

It’s almost impressive for a team to drop from sixth in our rankings to dead last in a single week. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you get swept in both of your series for the week.

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Yes, those losses were to Griffin and Afreeca, two of the strongest teams in LCK, but they got dominated so hard that their underlying team stats also cratered. They now rank dead last in gold difference at 20 (averaging over a 2k gold deficit), percentage of game gold acquired, and gold spread.

9. Jin Air Green Wings (2-8)

I said last week that I fully expected Jin Air to end up as the worst team in the LCK and I stand by that. They got absolutely decimated by Gen.G and Damwon Gaming in Week 2 and have the distinction of being the team with the slowest average game length in victories. Even the quicker of their two wins (which was over 36 minutes over Damwon) would be an average that is second-worst in Korea.

8. Gen.G (5-5)

While Gen.G was one of the worst teams, statistically, last week, they rebounded slightly in Week 2. Although they managed to boost their record back to .500 (a better record than SKT), SKT has stronger stats as a team. They’ve also had, arguably, an easier schedule so far than SKT, having avoided both Griffin and Sandbox, but losing to Kingzone.

7. SK Telecom T1 (4-7)

The MSI hangover is real for SKT, who dropped both of their series in Week 2. They are the second-worst team in terms of average time to victory, but otherwise, their stats aren’t terrible. They also have the excuse of having played Kingzone (aka the #1 team in Week 1) and surging Sandbox last week.

6. KT Rolster (5-5)

KT remains at a .500 record two weeks in and arguably they improved statistically from Week 1. They lost their series to Damwon and beat Gen.G, splitting both series. One thing that is concerning, though, is their 0.87 team kills-to-deaths ratio, which is second-worst in LCK to only Hanwha Life.