League of Legends: Top 3 tips to find the right Champion for yourself

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Often times, new players feel overwhelmed with the massive pool of League of Legends champions they can potentially choose from. Here are a few tips to ease this decision.

Some of the most common advice League of Legends players get in order to climb is “get a small champion pool.” But for new players, that advice might go over their head, since they don’t know exactly which champions there are or how they work. If you’re struggling to even get a champion pool at all, here are three tips to finding your champion pool.

1. Find the best role suited for you

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First of all, before you even choose your champion, you have to make sure which role you want to play. Normally, this is a rather easy decision as have likely played other games before with different kinds of roles.

If you preferred being a tanky player before, chances are you will in League of Legends as well. However, trying out new positions and play styles is never a bad thing, in fact, you will be able to roughly understand each of their purposes which leads to a general understanding of the game itself.

2. Understand your own strengths and weaknesses

Although teamplay does play a crucial role in League of Legends, knowing your personal qualities and flaws, especially in solo queue can be as vital. But how can one acquire such knowledge?

Generally, each role and champion offers different features. Through these, you can develop your own style, draining each ability to its maximum potential. By playing regularly and with a reflecting mindset of your doing, you will eventually automatically be able to tell how far you can go in each situation.

3. Keep it simple and smart

KISS, a well-known moto within projects, though, applicable in almost every situation in life. Therefore, you should keep it in mind when thinking about picking your champions or playing these. Overthinking every small decision before or during the match will probably just lead to you not performing on your actual level. Insane mechanics, fast combos and animation canceling are absolutely unnecessary, especially when you are just starting out with the game.

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Find a champion you feel comfortable with, learn how to properly utilize him best and play with an active mindset. In no time, you will see yourself winning more, I promise!