Ranking all 24 junglers at the League of Legends World Championship

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Jankos of G2 Esports. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Who is the best jungler playing in the 2019 League of Legends World Championship?

We’ve already looked at who the best top laners playing in the 2019 League of legends World Championship are. Today we will grade and rank every single jungler based on their statistical performance during their domestic 2019 Summer Split regular-season performance. We’ll be using the same metrics used yesterday to evaluate the top laners, but the ratings here will be relative to other junglers.

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Here are the average statistics among the 24 junglers at the World Championship:

  • Average Kill Efficiency = 3.05
  • Average aGPM = 347.1
  • Average aDPM = 275.2
  • Average VSPM = 1.85
  • Average laning score = 0.00

How do the junglers at the World Championship compare to each other? Who is the best jungler in the World?

24. Sebastián “Oddie” Alonso Niño Zavaleta (Isurus) – 65 OVR

The first thing that stands out when comparing the jungle ratings to the top is that the bottom-end of junglers is stronger than the lowest-rated junglers. For instance, a 65 overall top laner would be rated as high as 21st, but for junglers that is the worst.

And the worst of the pack, unfortunately, is Oddie. He is one of the worst early game junglers at Worlds, with a -1.07 laning score and averaging a 90 experience deficit at 15 minutes. Given that he’s playing in a far weaker region, these deficiencies are prime to be exposed by the better junglers he’ll face in even the play-in stage of the World Championship.

23. Leo “Babip” Romer (MAMMOTH) – 66 OVR

Performing better than his top laner, at least, Babip has the distinction of being one of the worst junglers in terms of vision control, with only a 1.33 VSPM. Though it’s tempting to suspect that this low vision score per minute could be due to a team-wide deficiency, his three teammates on the bottom-half of the map are performing at least on par with the average in their lane, so that seems unlikely. On the plus side, Babip does have one of the best Kill Efficiency scores of any jungler at 3.75, but we’ll have to see if that was bolstered by preying on weaker competition in Oceania.

22. Kirill “AHaHaCiK” Skvortsov (Unicorns of Love) – 68 OVR

Another jungler with early game issues (he has a -0.34 Laning Score), AHaHaCiK has the distinction of being the worst jungler at the World Championship in experience differential at 15. This indicates poor efficiency in his early game pathing and against better competition with tons of time to study his tendencies. He could be in for a world of hurt at Worlds.

21. Nam “LirA” Tae-yoo (Clutch Gaming) – 68 OVR

Even though Clutch’s miracle run got NA fans everywhere (or at least ones who aren’t TSM fans) hyped for the possibility that this team could play spoiler to some of the better teams. However, Lira‘s performance in the LCS during the regular season could prevent that if he regresses to his old form.

Lira has the second-worst adjusted KDA and Kill Efficiency of any jungler at Worlds, with a 1.80 KE. He was constantly behind in the early game (-0.46 Laning Score) and his 161.2 aDPM is the worst among junglers and is below even the average adjusted DPM of supports. While he is great at controlling vision for his team, there is the possibility that his champion pool could get pinched like it was by TSM in the Regional Qualifier.