League of Legends: Blitzcrank’s in depth guide to missing skill shots

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

There isn’t a champion in League of Legends who is more reliant on hitting a single skill shot than Blitzcrank.

Imagine a world where a League of Legends champion has one ability that either makes or breaks him. You are most likely thinking “This isn’t a Malphite article” and you would be correct. Except this is Blitzcrank, and he can put on a master class on how to miss skill shots.

It always starts the same way, they land the first Rocket Grab. They spam their laugh and mastery 7 as the enemy walks away due to the slow 325 movement speed. The ADC gets a good few hits in and Blitzcrank thinks the lane is already won.

The laning phase begins and they narrowly miss out on the enemy ADC. The player thinks to themselves, “How did that hit a minion?” and eyes the cooldown timer. Their confidence rises as they steady their breathing. Their teammate is just praying they don’t level up Overdrive anytime soon and ruin their CSing.

Blitzcrank punches the cannon minion and instantly fires his Rocket Grab, thinking they caught the enemy off guard with a quick patented level 2 power spike. Curse his luck! The cannon minion narrowly survives and is killed off by a caster minion. “Why did my Targon’s not go off? Riot, fix your game!” the player yells. The ADC begins to type and curses their luck for getting stuck with such a useless Support. The Rocket Grab whiffed, wide right.

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Blitzcrank knows the game just started and they try to cool down. Their favorite streamer told them that getting tilted means the game is over, and this is the last game of the player’s promos. The player gets an idea, its perfect. Riot’s busted new alcoves will provide the perfect cover from unsuspecting victims! Blitzcrank robot walks to the side of the alcove and prepares to strike.

The ADC at this point has given up hope on their support, 4 minutes into the game, and thinks the extra experience is worth it so they say nothing. Blitzcrank wonders what the useless ADC is doing instead of hiding in order to throw the enemy off guard. “Guess it’s up to me again”, the player says as they launch the Rocket Grab through the cover of the alcove.

The enemy Alistar gets knocked up and Blitzcrank spams the mastery emote once more. With the Blitzcrank’s cooldowns now blown, the Alistar uses the opportunity to easily Flash+Pulverize the enemy ADC before using Headbutt to knock them into the minions. Vayne is too busy raging at the Blitzcrank for pulling the Alistar to press their F key and without flashing the enemy Jhin easily secures the kill. “First Blood” can be heard and Blitzcrank wonders how their Vayne could be so braindead as to just stand there.

The player quickly types “/muteall” and ignores the troll Vayne’s flame. Now with their lane getting pushed in, they can redeem themselves with the ultimate Blitzcrank secret weapon, standing under your tower with Rocket Grab ready. “Level 3, time to level up Overdrive and use the extra movement speed to catch them off guard!” the player thinks, confident in their plan.

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The hook sails wide right and the Headbutt/Pulverize combo plus Jhin Deadly Flourish seals another kill. Sometimes the Blitzcrank comes out of the laning phase and lands the game-winning Rocket Grab. But, it is more likely that they will end the same way as many others do in our dreadful elo. Surrender at 15.