League of Legends: Why I played my first 5 champions

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
League of Legends
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League of Legends was rising incredibly fast in popularity around the time I played my first game with friends, but it was more of the champions that kept me coming back for more.

I started off as many probably did, not knowing what I was doing and being carried by my friend. He primarily played in the bottom lane and starting off I thought it would be easier to jungle than to lane because you wouldn’t have to go up against an actual person.

In League of Legends, it is never that simple though, and if you ever tried jungling at an early level back when runes/masteries were still a thing then you know the early pain I went through. This was made worse due to my lack of knowledge deciding that my favorite champion would be Amumu.

Getting bullied in the jungle was hard and even to this day, Amumu will always hold a special place in my heart. But most of my early memories involved getting demolished by Warwick, Elise, and Lee Sin.

Eventually, the jungle became a place I feared. I decided that the bottom lane with a friend sounded way easier than trying to be everywhere at once. In my genius mind since Kayle had a heal that, of course, made her a support.

Well, there is a lot more to being a support than just healing your ADC when they get poked and I simply didn’t have what it took. After getting flamed out of the jungle I was flamed out of the bottom lane whenever I didn’t play with a friend.

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If you have seen any montage videos on YouTube, especially those involving pentakills, then you have seen the possibilities a good Master Yi can bring. This champion was cheap, only 450, and I thought this would mean he would be incredibly easy. I probably had more success on Master Yi than both Amumu or Kayle early.

I played him jungle and I played him top, and as most early Master Yi players do I randomly popped off some games and got absolutely destroyed in other games. It was difficult playing games with a friend who was a higher rank when I knew absolutely nothing and with no training mode back then I could only rely on the bot games to learn and not get constantly flamed.

My first slightly more expensive champion was Fizz.  I thought he had a fun looking design and wanted to play someone who had been one-shotting me since I started playing.

Fizz was annoying to play against so I figured I too could annoy my opponents into submission. However, Fizz was very difficult to play correctly.

His combos were difficult for a new player like me to execute and my lack of mana control meant I was constantly under-leveled and low CS from having to back all the time. Fizz was a fun experiment, but too much for me.

I don’t know if it was purposeful but my next champion was another Yordle by the name of Heimerdinger and he was where I found my first true home. With Heimerdinger, it didn’t matter that I didn’t know how to play because his kit was simple enough for me to understand at least the basics. Place the turrets, push, stay in a safe spot, laugh as the jungler and mid laner attempt to gank you and die 2 v 1 to your turrets.

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He became my favorite champion because I felt as though I could actually play the game with him. League of Legends is fun, and even more fun with friends, but the most important part is finding a champion that makes you want to keep coming back. Even if they’re not meta, you can still have fun playing your old reliable champions in League of Legends.