League of Legends: 50 champions everyone hates to play against

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Heimerdinger. League of Legends
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games /

31. Heimerdinger

Oh, you thought playing a melee champion against Illaoi was bad? Well let me introduce you to Heimerdinger, who will drop turrets that will never let you leave tower, can hit you with big zap for poke, has hard CC if you ever think about engaging on him, and has one big tower that lets him automatically win a 2v1 always forever. Doesn’t that sound like such fun?

32. Nocturne

I’m safe, I’m fine, I am right here with my team, nothing can hurt m–DARKNESS. Oh and now he has killed me because the people standing right next to me could not see me or him. And he gets a free spell shield in case I could hope to CC him and escape, wonderful.

33. Xerath

How is it that every time I try to dodge his ult lasers, I somehow get clipped with just the edge of the projectile? I swear Chris Kyle would be impressed with the sniping that Xerath did. Or he might just be a scripter.

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34. Ezreal

I swear, Ezreal’s attacks and abilities never feel like they’re doing any damage but then you look and he did the most damage in the game. Plus any ADC who can build Iceborne Gauntlet and has a blink for safety just infuriates me.

35. Darius

Dude just walks into a team fight, gets one kill with his dunk, and now he’s just killing every single one of my teammates. And he was 0/5/0 coming out of lane too!

36. Sejuani

Whew, thank god I got away from that Nautilus. Man was it annoying to be CC-chained over and over and–OH COME ON!

37. Morgana

Oh, you wanted to use CC on me? Haha, well here’s a shield that makes you useless. Now please stand there, rooted for the next hundred years while I put a pool of toxic goo that will take all your health away, please.

38. Caitlyn

Is it fun to just have all the range in the world, or did you also need that 90-caliber net to get yourself out of a jam in case anyone gets within a screen of you?

39. Camille

Speaking of being a screen away, check out the engage rage on this chick! She just comes flying at you from all the way from the Twisted Treeline with her BS shield already up, that auto-reset or true damage attack ready to take all your health, and an ult on standby to make sure that you can never leave but also allow her to dodge all abilities. I swear if her kit couldn’t be more overloaded if they tried.

40. Lux

It’s not the getting rooted forever, then getting blown up when you dump all your spells on me that angers me. It’s the laugh. I swear to god I would rather listen to the “Kars for Kids” song on repeat until the sun explodes than have to listen to the enemy Lux spam her laugh again.