League of Legends: Skin sale ranking for the week of December 30th 2019

League of Legends, courtesy of Riot Games
League of Legends, courtesy of Riot Games /

With plenty of League of Legends skins on sale this week, here are the ones you should consider buying!

League of Legends has a new set of 15 skins on sale this week. I’ll be ranking all the skins available for purchase on sale this week. In addition, I’ll let you know which ones are worth buying at their new price point and which ones aren’t worth the money.

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15. Headhunter Rengar

This one is one of the cheaper skins this week at 390 RP with a 60% off discount. However, this skin just feels like a darker chroma for Rengar. I guess it’s meant to look like the Predator, but I think it just looks ugly. I’d forget about unless you need something for Rengar at a cheap price.

14. Crimson Elite Talon

This skin is on sale for 412 RP and 45% off. Yet I feel like it’s a bit much for a chroma that doesn’t look that great.

13. Dark Star Varus

This skin is on sale for half off at 675 RP. That just seems like a lot to me. His head looks really weird, which kind of ruins the skin for me. Like good theme idea not very good execution.

12. Koi Nami

This one is 487 RP at half off on sale this week. Yet I just feel like it’s overpriced. It’s mostly just a color swap for Nami nothing else.

11. Battle Bunny Riven

This one falls into the same description as Nami above. You pay half-price (487 RP) and get an ok skin if you like costumes changes, but not effects. I would skip this one unless you need it, or really like it.

10. Soul Reaver Draven

You can pick up a new look for Draven for half off at 675 RP. This isn’t his worst skin, but it isn’t really his best.  Yet if you feel like you need a new look for Draven, go ahead and pick up this skin.

9. Myrmidon Pantheon

It’s a bit hard to place this one on the ranking list. Like I feel like it looks amazing, thanks to the rework and visual update. I also like the price of just 208 RP. Yet it also feels just like a chroma. I guess if you have spare RP go for it, but I won’t buy RP just to get this skin.

8. Birdio

Bird Galio is a funny skin. Yet I feel it’s a bit overpriced even with a sale cost of 731 RP at 25% off. Yet I might consider this skin if you don’t want to wait for April to pick it up.

7. Dark Star Jarvan IV

Finally a good skin sale for Jarvan. You can get a modern Jarvan skin for 675 RP at a savings of  50%. I think it’s a solid skin offering and a much different look for Jarvan than a lot of his skins.

6. Blood Moon Shen

This is a solid offering for Shen. The sale price is 487 RP at half off and I think it’s well worth the investment. If you want a good option for Shen I think this is a good skin to pick up.

5. Blood Moon Akali

This is a pretty good-looking skin. It’s also at a good deal at half off and 487 RP. I think if you need an Akali option go for it.

4. Battle Boss Yasuo

This is one of my favorite Yasuo skins. It is also part of the awesome arcade line of skins. It might be a more expensive skin this week at 975 RP, but I feel its worth it. The neon look for Yasuo might be a bit different from normal, but it gives off a cool glow effect.

3. Arclight Vel Koz

The arc light line is very impressive and this skin is no exception. It might even be Vel Koz’s best skin. You can pick up this gem for 607 RP at a discount of 55% off.

2. Project Irelia

This is a really good skin. It’s got an awesome future look to it. The neon pink on her abilities also stands out to me. It may seem like a bit much at 975 RP and only 27% off, but I feel that’s well worth the cost for what you get.

1. Snow Day Bard

Honestly, this is a really fun skin and probably Bard’s best. I like the healing w that gets upgraded into a cup of cocoa. You can also travel through a snowflake tunnel and have little penguins follow him around. It’s well worth the  675 RP after a half-off discount.

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Overall the last skin sale of the week seems to be a bit of a letdown. I feel like a lot of the skins are priced more than they should be and we didn’t get big savings this week. I do think there are a few skins worth picking up, but I would also consider waiting for the first sale of 2020.