Legends of Runeterra: Cheap Aggro Deck for Beginners

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Riot Games’ new card game, Legends of Runeterra, requires a lot of grinding. So, here’s a cheap beginner deck that will make the grind more manageable.

In Legends of Runeterra, you must first finish the prologue to choose which region you want to represent. This will allow you to gather specific cards from their regions.

While playing the game you will unlock cards ranging from common to champions. For the most part, you will heavily rely on wild cards to unlock them. This makes finishing decks take a bit of time, especially because you cannot really just buy every card you want.

Champions cost 3000 shards to unlock, making them incredibly time-consuming. The fastest way to do it instead is to grind specific regions until reaching the champion capsule and then switching to a new region.

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The Solution

The best part about this specific aggro Ionian-Noxus deck is that many of these cards are already owned or relatively cheap. As far as champions go, this deck does use 6 total cards, 3x Katarina and 3x Zed. This isn’t so bad since you get 2 Zed for free at the start of the game.

Zed is here to apply a bit of pressure and give you a possible alternate route to victory, but your main route to victory is actually Katarina.

She evolves when she strikes and gets recalled to your hand. She starts off at 3|2 before evolving to a 4|3 which leaves her in range of the many low cost 3 damage removal spells but this deck has a lot of answers for all of it.

Katarina and Zed’s best offensive attribute lies in their quick attack so even though they are relatively low damage their quick attack often still allows them to make favorable trades.

The combo you need to aim for to win involves summoning Katarina’s evolved form as many times as possible to continuously get favorable trades in using her “Rally” ability which gives her attack tokens when summoned.

Here is the full decklist:

  • 2x Ghost
  • 2x Inspiring Mentor
  • 3x Legion Rearguard
  • 3x Legion Saboteur
  • 2x Brother’s Bond
  • 2x Greenglade Duo
  • 1x House Spider
  • 3x Legion Grenadier
  • 2x Trifarian Hopeful
  • 2x Culling Strike
  • 3x Deny
  • 3x Katarina
  • 2x Might
  • 3x Reckless Trifarian
  • 2x Shadow Assassin
  • 3x Zed
  • 2x Decimate

After just three days of playing, I was able to acquire all of the wildcards and shards needed to craft the cards I was missing. I did, however, get lucky by getting a Katarina out of a capsule so the grind might take you a bit longer but it is well worth it.

As you can see this deck runs almost exclusively 1-3 costs with a large bulk of it being 3 costs and the only exception being two of the 5 cost Decimate cards. The main point of this deck is to attack as often as possible using Katarina’s “Rally”.

You might also notice this deck runs quite a few elusive cards which people usually don’t have many answers too unless they are running an elusive deck. By combining this with Katarina’s “Rally” ability you can get free damage and usually force your opponent into multiple bad trades every turn.

This desk also runs quite a few buff spells which negate the enemy’s attempts to buff their own cards to sneakily kill off the “quick attack” priority targets. In my opinion “Deny” is one of the best cards in Legends of Runeterra right now and will save you from a devastating play at least once per game.

The weaknesses I have noticed include relying heavily on Katarina and not having many options to buff health in order to save the minions who are mostly low on health and within kill range of many spells. Having 3 “Deny” cards can really help you get through this but the fact that Burst cannot be retaliated sometimes leaves you at a disadvantage.

While finding Katarina is the most important part of this deck it is still possible to win without her through the use of “Elusive” attackers.

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Legends of Runeterra is a lot of fun and a great addition to the League of Legends lore and world. Now that you have a great deck to use you can go into ranked and start grinding for the next great powerhouse deck in your arsenal. Make sure to leave any great decks you create or find in the comment section so we can try them all out!

Quick shoutout to F2K’s Control for sharing this deck with the world so we can all grind and climb a bit easier!