League of Legends: Top Five Mid Laners on Patch 10.2

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Mid lane is arguably the most impactful role in League of Legends and its stock continues to rise on Patch 10.2. Here are the best mid lane champions right now.

It’s no surprise that the highest-rated pro League of Legends players are all mid laners. Faker, Doinb, and Caps (before his role swap) are all the first names out of peoples’ mouths when asked who the best League players are right now because of the impact they have both in lane and across the Rift.

With the reduced jungle experience changes in preseason, mid lane’s stock has reached even greater heights over recent patches as they need to both protect their own junglers while targeting the vulnerable enemy jungler for free kills.

Mid lane’s influence over the map is higher than ever, which is being heavily represented by the roles and playstyles of the top five champions on Patch 10.2:

5) Fizz

If you’ve ever played ADC semi-regularly, you’ll know the fear that Fizz instills into bot lane and support players as soon as he hits Level 6.

Avoiding early ganks allows Fizz to safely wave clear with the constant threat of throwing out Chum the Waters to punish an overstepping mid lane opponent. Using this wave clear advantage, Fizz players can intelligently dip into fog of war to apply pressure to side lanes or look for a roam towards a tasty looking bot laner.

Add this to the fact that it has become much easier to shut down junglers due to a huge level disparity from the early stages of the game right through to the end, and it’s clear why Fizz has become so popular in Season 10.

A 52.51% win rate is impossible to ignore, so add Fizz to your champion pool if you want to style on your opponents and rapidly climb the solo queue ladder.

4) Cassiopeia

As the average game time increases, so does the priority on champions that scale strongly into the late game. Of all viable mid laners in the current meta, Cassiopeia is almost definitely best suited to reaching the 40+ minute mark.

Despite being strongest after purchasing 3/4 items, Cassio still boasts a pretty high win rate in solo queue (51.77%) even though games tend to finish quickly in the less competitive environment.

This usually means the champion’s numbers are slightly overblown at the moment, but what do you care? You just want to quickly rise up the solo queue ladder!

Cassio is the ideal champion to add to your champion pool as she’s rarely found near the bottom of the tier list thanks to her decent laning phase poke with Twin Fangs, strong team fight ultimate Petrifying Gaze, and unmatched mid lane scaling.

3) Kassadin

What do the other four champions in this list have in common? What type of damage does Kassadin counter? Hint: The answer is the same!

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With the magic damage dominance in the current mid lane meta, Kassadin was always going to climb up towards the top tiers and is currently the third-best option for mid lane mains on Patch 10.2. The Void Walker benefits from a similar playstyle to Fizz in that, if he reaches Level 6 unscathed, he can take over games quite easily.

Everyone knows how strong a stacked Riftwalk can be in late game team fights, particularly when Kassadin has reached Level 16. To avoid this, target him early on through aggressive ganks, or lock him down with heavy CC in a skirmish.

Provided he’s not a master Kassadin player, he will make mistakes in fights that you can punish to put a dent in the champion’s impressive 51.42% win rate.

2) Vladimir

When it comes to team fight presence, no champion on this list offers more than Vladimir. The Crimson Reaper’s ability to flank opposition teams and deal huge AoE damage with Hemoplague and Tides of Blood is the main reason for his high priority in the current meta.

Combine this with the fact that Sanguine Pool makes him a slippery and tricky to kill target in the early game and you can see why so many mid laners add him to their champion pool.

If you’re planning to become a Vladimir main after his success on Patch 10.2, it’s important to master his spell rotation, particularly in team fights, to get the most out of the blood mage. When flanking with TP or from a side lane, know what spells to press and how to make the most out of Sanguine Pool.

1) Diana

Diana’s Patch 9.24 gameplay update was successful, a little too successful though. She’s now cemented herself as the #1 mid laner in the current meta with a ridiculous 53.59% win rate and 29.2% ban rate.

With nerfs on the horizon, it’s probably better to ban the champion during the draft phase rather than learn her for the final week of Patch 10.2, but if you’re determined to add the Scorn of the Moon to your champion pool, here are a few tips.

Ideally, use her as a counter-pick. Yes, she’s very strong in almost every match-up right now because of her huge damage output, but that won’t be the case forever.

Lock her in against squishy, short-range mages with few escape tools to make the most out of your mid lane match-up. If they step too far up the lane, use E – Lunar Rush and burst them down quickly with high base damages and Sorcerer’s Shoes.

Use any gold/item advantage in the mid lane to clear your wave and look for side lane roams, particularly towards the bottom lane. It’s all well and good winning your lane match-up, but if you can’t help your teammates out when you’re ahead then it’s pointless doing the hard work earlier in the game.

The best way to snowball a small gold lead into a victory is to spread your advantage across the map, that goes for all champions, not just Diana.

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Who is your favorite mid laner in League of Legends right now? Who would you like to see buffed in upcoming patches? Let us know in the comments!