League of Legends: Top Five Junglers on Patch 10.3

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The third patch of League of Legends Season 10 is here! Here are the strongest five junglers for climbing the solo queue ladder on Patch 10.3!

The jungle has undoubtedly been the most controversial role in League of Legends so far in 2020. Following weeks of complaints from the community (particularly jungle mains), the balance team finally buffed monster experience on Patch 10.3 and players and champion pools have begun to adjust accordingly.

Much like in pro play, solo queue games have started to last longer as a result of crit ADCs rising up the tier list, enchanters in the top lane, lower impact junglers, and smaller buffs from Elemental Dragons.

As a result, the jungle champion pool has a completely different look about it in Season 10, with some interesting picks showing their faces in the role’s S tier.

Here are the top five champions you should be playing on Patch 10.3:

5) Ekko

Even after his Passive’s damage to monsters was nerfed on Patch 10.3, jungle mains have continued to utilize Ekko’s excellent gank utility and he remains in the S tier with a 10.9% pick rate and 31.8% ban rate.

While he may not feature in the competitive pool of junglers, Ekko is a menace in solo queue. A fast clear speed thanks to Timewinder and Z-Drive Resonance procs allows the champion to look for plays more frequently than other junglers in the current meta.

Add this to his extremely powerful gank set-up by gap closing with Phase Dive in order to land Parallel Convergence, and it’s clear why junglers rate Ekko so highly on Patch 10.3.

4) Master Yi

Despite Master Yi’s clear weakness to any form of hard crowd control, the Wuju Bladesman still tops the charts in terms of solo queue win rates on the current patch.

Everyone from unranked to Diamond knows how strong Yi can be if allowed to get ahead and move freely around a team fight, but everyone from Gold upwards knows how to stop him. Adding this champion to your pool is wise if you’re in the depths of the solo queue ladder, otherwise, it would be best to pass up on his 51.64% win rate.

Rek'Sai. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

3) Rek’Sai

Rek’Sai has found success in both pro play and solo queue over the last few patches, illustrated by her excellent 51.46% win rate and high priority amongst teams from the top four competitive regions.

In a similar fashion to Ekko, the Void Burrower excels in AoE camp clearing and ganking, two vital components to a strong early game jungle champion. Though, what separates the two champions is Rek’Sai’s ability to engage onto an enemy with a simple Flash-Unburrow, picking up a kill for her laner or setting up for a repeat gank after a burnt Summoner Spell.

Even if she isn’t the strongest champion in the current jungle meta, adding Rek’Sai to your champion pool is almost definitely a good idea as the champion is almost permanently in the jungle rotation and can completely take over the laning phase if placed in the right hands.

2) Olaf

What Olaf lacks in gank set-up, he makes up for in an unmatched jungle clear and incredible dueling potential. Berserker Rage and Vicious Strikes makes farming up your jungle a formality, while Undertow and Reckless Swing dissuade all opponents from attempting to trade with you.

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The tricky thing about Olaf is his lack of engaging tools, making him one of the more complex junglers in any given meta. In order to operate him successfully, you must assert your dominance over your jungle match-up and look to invade as much as possible, provided your lane priorities allows for it.

If your mid lane has the push, look to invade the enemy’s jungle via the closest entrance and hunt down your opposite number or lay down deep vision. Your goal is to get your laners ahead in the first fifteen minutes and let them carry you in the later stages!

1) Elise

Arguably the best jungler on Patch 10.3 and the best jungler in the game when the meta is focused around heavy ganking and setting up for an early Elemental Dragon lead.

Elise’s Level 3 power spike is unmatched, her dive potential is unmatched, and her ganks are among the best in the game. So, as long as she has decent damage numbers in her kit, the Spider Queen will always be a highly contested pick both in solo queue and pro play.

If you’re looking to add Elise to your jungle champion pool, just one tip is necessary: Gank incessantly. Buy Boots of Mobility if you have to, just look to land Cocoons on enemy laners as much as possible to put your team in the lead and set yourself up for success and LP gains.

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Do you agree with this list? Who do you think are the strongest junglers on Patch 10.3? Tell us what you think!