League of Legends: Ranking the Valentine’s Day Skins

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
Sweetheart Annie. League of Legends
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

We rank the League of Legends Valentine’s Day skins.

Valentine’s Day is about a week away and some love is coming to the Rift as all of the Valentine’s Day-themed skins make their return to League of Legends. There are 14 skins that match this holiday, so let’s find out which get the most love in the rankings.

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14. Heart seeker Lucian

Cost:1350 RP

I look at this skin and think “this guy is a big-time player and is pretty creepy,” not I want a date with him. It just seems like they tried too hard to get him to fit with the theme and it doesn’t work. I think a Debonair Lucian skin would have worked better.

13. Heart Seeker Vayne

Cost: 975 RP.

This is another champion I don’t think fits the theme. Like what about a monster hunter screams out love to me? It’s only 975 RP though which isn’t bad for this skin.

12. Sweetheart Rakan

Cost:1350 RP

Rakan was a kind of tough ranking for me. On one hand, I love the thematic of him and Xayah, the lover’s duo, as sweethearts, but I just don’t find this skin visually appealing. That’s sad because, as you’ll see later on, I’m quite the fan of Xayah’ s.

11. Heart Seeker Orianna

Cost: 1350 RP

It’s not a bad skin and I can see how it fits the theme. It’s the old “robot wants to find love” cliché, yet somehow this skin seems forgettable. It just doesn’t seem like a better skin than the others in the line.

10. Heart Seeker Varus

Cost: 1350 RP

This is another skin I’m just not sure how to rate. Thematically, it works because of Varus wielding a bow much like cupid, but like with Rakan I’m not sold on the visual appeal of this skin. I wouldn’t be buying this skin at least not until it’s on sale.

9. Heart Seeker Quinn

Cost: 975 RP

This skin does fit the theme with Quinn having arrows and Valor turning into a of love bird. The only problem is that the skin just doesn’t stand out. Quinn is a bit limited on skins though, so this is a decent choice for her.

8. Heart Seeker Yummi

Cost:1350 RP

This one I talked about a good bit in my last article. It’s fun and fits the theme. I just don’t like it has much as a few others on this list, so that’s why it rates in the middle.

7. Sweet Heart Sona

Cost: 975

This one is cute, but it still feels like it lacks something to really make it special. Although I do like it’s not too expensive and it does have hearts added to all the abilities. It’s a good skin to rank in the middle of the list.

6. Heart Piercer Fiora

Cost: 1350 RP

This one is the only Heart Fiercer skin, but it fits Fiora well. I get a “Queen of Hearts” vibe from this skin and just want to yell “off with their head!” It might seem a bit violent, but I think the hearts and roses tone it down a bit. Either way, it’s just a good-looking skin.

5. Heart Seeker Jinx

Cost: 1350 RP

This another one of new additions to the line. I like this skin a good bit and recommend it for purchase. Just watch out for the candy chompers, or her rose ultimate as those are two gifts I don’t think you want to receive this Valentine’s Day.

4. Heart Breaker Vi

Cost:1350 RP

I have a soft spot for Vi as one of my favorite champions and this is one of my favorite skins for her. I enjoy seeing her with a heart that breaks after the third hit. It’s a fun skin to use and something different for the usual talent nature of VI.

3. Sweet Heart Ashe

Cost: 975 RP

This is a great skin. It fits in with Ashe playing cupid with their bow. It’s also quite fun to see a giant heart arrow coming after you when she uses her ultimate. I just really like this skin as one of the better ones in the line.

2. Sweet Heart Annie

Cost: 750 RP

I think this skin is the perfect match for this set. Annie looks sweet and kind, then bam sticks Tibbers after you.

Speaking of Tibbers the now pink bear with a heart fits perfectly with buying giant bears for people on this holiday. Plus its only 750 RP, which is the best deal this Valentine’s Day.

1. Sweet Heart Xayah

Cost: 1350 RP

As stated before, I’m a huge fan of this skin. It’s so pretty and the duo of her and Rakan fits so well in this theme. The difference between this skin and the lower-rated Rakan is I feel like she has a better and prettier color scheme.

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If they both had something similar I think they would both be ranked in the top two (or together because why separate them on Valentine’s Day?). For now, though it’s the bride getting all the attention.