TFT: Ranking Every Single Unit in Set 3

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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TFT Galaxies. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
TFT Galaxies. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

4-Cost Champions

1. Vel’Koz

Origin: Void (3/5)
Class: Sorcerer (5/5)

Synergy: Both traits are things Vel’Koz wants and they complement each other quite well. (5/5)

Ultimate (Lifeform Disintegration Ray): Channels a 4-hex ray of energy that sweeps across the battlefield in a 60° cone, in 1400 range with 200 width range over 2.5 seconds, dealing 300 / 450 / 2000 magic damage each second with each tick of damage occurring every 0.25 seconds to enemies hit. (5/5)

Overall rating: 18/20

2. Irelia

Origin: Cybernetic (2/5)
Class: Blademaster (3/5) / Mana-Reaver (4/5)

Synergy: The Cybernetic/Blademaster combo is the same that Fiora had, but adding Mana-Reaver does make this a bit stronger. Like a Mundo or Singed from Set 2, you could see Irelia serving that same utility role to weaken the enemy with her autos. The problem is that the Cybernetic still holds that back, she doesn’t have an AoE application of Mana-Reaver and generally, these traits just don’t synergize together. (3/5)

Ultimate (Bladesurge): Dashes past her target in 3-hex range, attacking them for 175 / 250 / 500% AD as she passes through. If this kills the target, she casts again immediately at the enemy with the highest mana. (4/5)

Overall rating: 16/20

3. Wukong

Origin: Chrono (5/5)
Class: Vanguard (2/5)

Synergy: Chrono should be good for helping his team, even if Vanguard only gives a slight benefit to Wukong and doesn’t help him do damage with his ultimate. However, his ult also brings utility, meaning it’s not necessary for you to get a lot of damage out of its use. (4/5)

Ultimate (Cyclone): Spins rapidly around in 1-hex radius, dealing 350 / 500 / 2000 magic damage to nearby units over 3 seconds. The first time he hits each enemy, he knocks them into the air and stuns them for 1.5 seconds. (5/5)

Overall rating: 16/20

4. Fizz

Origin: Mech-Pilot (5/5)
Class: Infiltrator (3/5)

Synergy: These two traits are both strong and can both probably be used in their own rights. The problem is that neither goes together particularly well. (3/5)

Ultimate (Chum the Waters): Throws a lure that attracts a shark, causing it to emerge after a brief delay. It deals 350 / 500 / 2000 magic damage to enemies caught, knocking them back and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. (5/5)

Overall rating: 16/20

5. Kayle

Origin: Valkyrie (3/5)
Class: Blademaster (3/5)

Synergy: The two go together pretty nicely. The only problem is that you will need high-damage on her or other units to get the most out of the Valkyrie trait. (3/5)

Ultimate (Divine Ascent): Ascends, causing her attacks to launch waves in a cone that deal 125 / 200 / 750 bonus magic damage until the end of combat. (4/5)

Overall rating: 13/20

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6. Jinx

Origin: Rebel (4/5)
Class: Blaster (2/5)

Synergy: The shield from Rebel is nice for Jinx, but she would likely prefer another offensive trait to maximize her damage. Neither trait is bad for her, just not as optimal as they can be. (3/5)

Ultimate (Get Excited!): After her first takedown, gains 60 / 75 / 100% bonus attack speed.
After her second tamanakedown, swaps to her rocket launcher, causing her basic attacks to deal 100 / 175 / 750 bonus magic damage to all enemies adjacent to her target. (4/5)

Overall rating: 13/20

7. Jhin

Origin: Dark Star (2/5)
Class: Sniper (2/5)

Synergy: In a straight front-to-back fight, Jhin probably benefits most from the Dark Star trait of any champion and the Sniper combo will only improve that. The two don’t synergize with each other necessarily, but the combo is great with Jhin’s kit. (4/5)

Ultimate (Whisper): Converts every 1% bonus attack speed he has into 0.8 bonus attack damage. Additionally, every fourth basic attack deals 244 / 344 / 444% damage. (5/5)

Overall rating: 13/20

8. Cho’Gath

Origin: Void (3/5)
Class: Class: Brawler (1/5)

Synergy: Void and Brawler don’t combo together especially well, but this is very similar to the kit that Cho’Gath had in Set 1 and it was generally effective as long as neither trait was particularly weak. (4/5)

Ultimate (Rupture): After a 1.5-second delay, ruptures a 2-hex circle dealing 150 / 200 / 1000 magic damage and knocking up all enemies within, stunning them for 2 / 2 / 4 seconds. (5/5)

Overall rating: 13/20

9. Soraka

Origin: Star Guardian (1/5)
Class: Mystic (4/5) 

Synergy: Perfectly complementary traits for a pure supportive unit. (5/5)

Ultimate (Wish): Heals all allies for 350 / 500 / 1500 health. (3/5)

Overall rating: 13/20