League of Legends: 10 Best One For All Champions 2020

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

One For All is one of the most exciting game modes in League of Legends and it returns on Patch 10.6! Here are the best One For All champions to play!

League of Legends has brought back One for All on Patch 10.6! We’ve made a top ten list of the best One for All champions to play in the 2020 edition of the game mode!

One for All is a game mode in which your team bans out a few champions, then votes for which champion all five players on the team will play. If one champion has the majority of the votes, that champion will be selected. If not, it’s random!

10 players, 2 champions, and a ton of chaos.

This list features just one champion that wasn’t available since the last time One for All was available to play, but if you want to try out some of the new champs/reworks, there are 13 for you to test out on Patch 10.6!

Here are our top 10 best One for All champions on Patch 10.6:

10) Garen

Spin to win! What’s more terrifying than one Beyblade charging towards you? Five Beyblades charging towards you!

The combination of Garen’s Decisive Strike silence and Judgment damage is impossible to deal with for the enemy team, making five Garens an OP team composition in One for All!

9) Dr. Mundo

It’s hard enough to chop down a single Dr. Mundo in solo queue thanks to his massive healing and defensive stats, so one can only imagine how tough it will be to deal with five!

Sadism allows Mundo to regenerate 50/75/100% of his maximum health over 12 seconds making him almost invulnerable for the duration. Multiply this by five and throw in a couple of Infected Cleavers, and you can see why the Madman of Zaun is such a menace to deal with in One for All!

8) Trundle

Unlike all other champions in this list, Trundle isn’t really picked for his ability within a team fight. Although multiple Pillars of Ice and five casts of Subjugate may cause chaos during 5v5 skirmishes, Trundle is really drafted for his ability to take down towers quickly and run it down mid in style.

Queue up with four friends, lock in Trundle, and run it down mid! Quickly clear out the minions and hit the enemy tower with auto attacks and Chomps, nobody is faster at taking turrets than Trundle!

This strategy is particularly effective at lower MMRs as the opposition team often has no idea how to deal with it!

Arcade Ahri. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

7) Ahri

Ahri is a deadly combination of high magic damage, long-lasting crowd control, and mobility through escape tools like Spirit Rush.

In a One for All game versus Ahri, you simply cannot be hit by a single Charm or five Orbs of Deception will quickly follow and blow you up. The long duration and short cooldown of Ahri’s E also means her team can permanently CC-lock a champion with time to spare!

6) Wukong

If all five Wukongs cast Warrior Trickster at the same time there can be TEN Wukongs on the Rift at once!

The real deadly force of Wukong is all about Cyclone which deals maximum health damage and can now be cast twice! Imagine that, ten Cyclones during a team fight… There’s no surprise that Wukong makes the top 10 champions for One for All!

5) Malphite

Could it be any more simple? Reach Level 6, press R, GG!

4) Yasuo

There are few champions with better One for All synergy than Yasuo. All it takes is a single knock-up before all five players can jump in with Last Breath and tear the enemy team down.

Don’t just spam R though! Find the right angle and hit 3 or more opponents with a Steel Tempest knock-up before all jumping in.

Yasuo is particularly effective against ranged champions with five Wind Walls making it virtually impossible to auto-attack him as he slides around in a team fight.

True Damage Qiyana. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

3) Qiyana

The newest recruit to the One for All OP list is Qiyana! This is her first chance to show off her abilities when paired up with four more of herself (imagine the ego), and it’s expected that she’ll shine and destroy the competition.

First of all, she deals a ton of damage with Edge of Ixtal after just a few Lethality items, which is perfect for a fast-paced game mode like One for All. Secondly, she can quickly traverse the map with Boots of Mobility and Terrashape, making five Qiyanas impossible to track during the game.

And finally, the most terrifying aspect of Qiyana’s kit in One for All has got to be the prospect of landing five consecutive Supreme Display of Talents. If the damage alone doesn’t kill you, the five-second stun is enough for the Qiyanas to take you down with other abilities.

2) Karthus & Teemo

Obviously, these two champions are the most overpowered in One for All, but it’d be unfair to hand the #1 spot to champs that will be disabled for the duration of the game mode.

That being said, if they forget to disable them this time around, you know what to do…

1) Ekko

The clear number one champion in One for All is… Ekko!

The Boy Who Shattered Time is annoying enough to deal with in solo queue, and there’s only one of them there! Add four more to the equation, and you’ll be forced to surrender in no time at all.

Using Phase Dive and Chronobreak during a team fight makes it near impossible to lock Ekko down, but these two abilities are most certainly not the most difficult aspects of his kit.

Usually, Ekko is gated by his ability to land Parallel Convergence and make use of the 2.25 second stun it provides, but having five Ekkos makes the ability almost impossible to miss! Once the opponents are stunned, they’re quickly burst down due to the fact that all five Ekkos can proc Z-Drive Resonance almost instantly, easily winning a team fight or skirmish.

Expect the champion to be banned in almost every One for All game, but if he isn’t, take the opportunity to lock him in and have fun!

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Who will you be playing in One For All this patch? Do you think we’ve missed any top champions from this list?