LCS: All the Teams That Could Be Interested in Signing Huni

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Huni has been grated an opportunity to search for opportunities with other LCS teams. Here are the teams that would likely want him.

Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon remaining with Dignitas in 2020 was a major storyline at the start of the LCS split. Everyone was talking about the huge contract he received and if he would be worth all the money spent. Now just a couple of days after Dignitas lost a tiebreaker to miss out on the LCS playoffs, their top laner is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.

With his future uncertain, it’s time to run through the LCS and see which teams could desire his services. Which teams, if any, would be interested in signing Huni, or has he played his last game in the LCS?

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Cloud9: Not Even Close to Interested

Cloud9 has home-grown talent and First-Team LCS  All-Pro top laner Licorice signed for the foreseeable future. With the way higher upside on the domestic talent, they have currently I don’t see them even asking about Huni.

TSM: No Thanks

TSM is pretty well covered in the top lane as well. Broken Blade looked like TSM’s best player many times this split and it would be a downgrade if Huni replaced him. Thus he isn’t worth TSM’s second import slot.

100 Thieves: Not Going to Happen

100 Thieves is in the same position as TSM, but with a slightly better top laner. Ssumday returned to the LCS main stage with a vengeance earning Second-Team All-Pro honors this split. Why would 10 Thieves give up their best player to sign Huni?

Plus Rookie of the Split from the 2019 Summer Split and former scouting grounds top prospect FakeGod is still waiting on the academy roster. I would be more likely to give him a shot before sighing the overpriced Huni.

Team Liquid: Highly Doubtful

Team Liquid did struggle this Split, and part of the was the less-than-quality play of top laner Impact. But even with him struggling, Impact is still as good as or better than Huni, so this won’t be an upgrade for Liquid.

Another consideration is that Impact has NA residency, so picking up Huni would force CoreJJ or Broxah out of the lineup. This team just needs some more time to mesh and having to switch out Huni for Impact would be counterproductive to that.

Golden Guardians: Not a Good Idea

In one way this would be an upgrade for Huni as he goes to the team that kept him out of the playoffs by winning that tiebreaker game. Yet statically Huni would be a downgrade over Hauntzer the current starter for Golden Guardians.

Also, once again, Hauntzer is a resident and won’t take up an import slot, which means this move would push out FBI or Closer. Closer was a beast in his first split in North America and shouldn’t be replaced. Although FBI is still developing, he does seem to be the better option than starting a true rookie in Gorica, or the return of Keith to his former position. So it’s probably for the best this roster stay put.

Evil Geniuses: Don’t Rock the Boat

Evil Geniuses did have some top lane questions heading into the start of the split. Despite these questions, they managed to take the second seed in the playoffs. Kumo seeing his first time as a consistent starter in the LCS this season and is playing pretty well this season, even if he’s not top-tier.