League of Legends: Hecarim is set to dominate after Patch 10.11 buff

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Hecarim is set to dominate solo queue after his upcoming Patch 10.11 buff

Hecarim is beginning to appear and succeed more frequently in solo queue sporting a 52.36% win rate in the top lane on Patch 10.10, the 5th highest for top laners. The Shadow of War has received a few buffs this season to help both his status in lane and his ability to dive opponents.

First, in Patch 10.6, his ultimate ability, Onslaught of Shadows, had its fear duration increased from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds (based on distance traveled) at its maximum range. This slight change helped his ganking ability, as it is now easier for Hecarim to dive top or bottom lane with his increased crowd control.

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In the same patch, Hecarim benefited indirectly from a buff to Teleport. The summoner spell now grants 30/40/50% movement speed (based on level) after arriving at the location. With Teleport now synchronizing with his kit, top lane Hecarim has been appearing more and more in solo queue, continuously diving helpless bottom lanes.

However, the change to the champion in Patch 10.11 hurts his wave clear in the top lane, pushing him more towards the jungle role. The balance team has decided to decrease Hecarim’s Q – Rampage damage to 60% to minions from 66%. This will hurt his laning phase a bit, but the next change will boost his ability to kill his laner, increasing his viability.

Riot has buffed Hecarim’s Rampage damage from 55-215 damage to 60-228 damage. Although it may seem like a minimal increase, his ability to spam Q in the early game on opponents will deliver more of a punch, making it easier to both trade in lane and finish off ganks. Along with this, the buffs to Teleport and his ultimate ability have vaulted the Shadow of War into viable status.

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Hecarim has been secretly good for a while now, and look for these buffs to make both pros and solo queue players realize how strong he really is on Patch 10.11.