Worlds 2020: Rating and Ranking Every Jungler at Worlds

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Worlds 2019, League of Legends
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We break down every jungler that you will see at Worlds 2020.

10. Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan (Top Esports) – 80 OVR

Karsa is no stranger to the world stage, as he has appeared at every Worlds since 2015. Last year, he was a part of that RNG team that disappointed and failed to make it out of groups, so he will be looking for redemption this year.

As you would expect for a veteran, Karsa has leaned heavily on Lee Sin as his primary pick (26 games out of the 105 he played in 2020) along with other standard picks like Trundle, Rek’Sai, and Jarvan. However, that Lee Sin pick hasn’t been exceptional for him, posting a KDA barely above 3.50 on the Blind Monk.

Unfortunately, his KDA numbers aren’t much better on any of his other picks, as he posted a 2.78 aKDA (slightly above average for junglers). Most concerningly, though, is that Karsa was often behind in tempo, averaging 352 and 529 experience deficits in the regular season and playoffs, respectively. Hopefully, those poor numbers were due more to the quality of junglers he was facing in the LPL and not a flaw that can be exploited at Worlds.

9. Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon (DRX) – 81 OVR

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DRX’s rookie jungler was one of the strongest early game junglers in the LCK regular season (averaging +221 gold/+7CS/+321XP differentials at 15 minutes) but in the playoffs his numbers cratered. He averaged a 452g and 177 experience deficit in eight playoff games, a large reason why DRX fell short of the LCK title.

Otherwise, Pyosik’s stats are fairly solid other than the fact that he dies more than most other junglers (2.3 deaths per game), but that is somewhat expected for a rookie. He is one of the more efficient junglers in the world, with a 0.895 gold-to-damage ratio.

8. Kacper “Inspired” Słoma (Rogue) – 82 OVR

Inspired played the tank/supportive jungle role a lot more than most others around the world, with Sejuani as his most-picked champion and a top-five that includes Lee Sin, Trundle, Sett, and Jarvan. This resulted in him averaging 8 assists per game during the regular season, with a 4.63 aKDA and a 71.9% kill participation. Otherwise, there’s not a whole ton to write home about regarding Inspired, his play is very solid going against stiff competition and I anticipate he’ll be tough to exploit at Worlds.

7. Kim “Clid” Tae-min (Gen.G) – 83 OVR

One of the strongest junglers in the LCK this year and last year, Clid moved on from T1 and immediately helped turn Gen.G into a powerhouse. He’s maybe the best jungler in the world in terms of vision control (1.96 VSPM) and his other stats across the board are above-average.

For his champion pool, it’s a standard top three of Lee Sin, Rek’Sai, and Jarvan, all with KDAs above 4.00 and win rates over 75% for J4 and Rek’Sai (his Lee win rate is only 56.5%). Like Inspired, he’s a player that is difficult to exploit, but he’s a bit more carry-oriented, averaging 2.7 kills per game but only a 65% kill participation.

6. Han “Peanut” Wang-ho (LGD Gaming) – 85 OVR

Peanut has had a renaissance with LGD this year, posting some of the best stats of his career since he left that legendary ROX Tigers team. In particular, his damage output (306.8 aDPM) and overall efficiency (0.86 damage-to-gold ratio) have been stellar for a guy going up against some of the best junglers in the world.

As for his champion pool, he’s proven to be one of the few exceptional Graves players at Worlds 2020. He posted a 6.41 KDA and 68.8% win rate on the Outlaw in 16 games in 2020, as it was his second-most picked champion this year.